Little Blue Lamb shoes for babies and toddlers

Little Blue Lamb

Oh to have tiny feet again! Big, grown-up shoes simply can’t compete with this adorable range from Little Blue Lamb. From toe-tapping ballet flats to furry winter boots, we’re tempted to pull an Ugly Step Sister and see if we can cram our feet into these adorable specimens.

Made from beautifully soft leather, Little Blue Lamb shoes come in a range of different styles for different age groups. Their soft-soled baby shoes are made for tots from six to 24 months. The thin leather soles enable children to feel the ground beneath their feet with every step.

Little Blue Lamb toddler shoes

Little Blue Lamb also make a ‘Squeaky Shoes range’, for children aged one to three. Squeaking with every step, they make walking as fun as can be. But should you ever wish to silence the squeaking (we can’t ever imagine that becoming annoying), simply remove the squeaker valves and replace them with non-squeaky inserts, which come with the shoes.

Available in Australia from Kawaii Kids.