Minimonkey Dynamic baby carrier

Minimonkey Dynamic Baby Carrier

A good baby carrier is worth its weight in gold: not only does it give your partner a chance to see what it was like to carry around a bub in your tummy for 9 months, but can also offer mums what they crave most: the use of their own hands.

Minimonkey’s Dynamic baby carrier is perfect for mums who want to look after their backs: the carrier bears the weight on the hip, back and abdomen, instead of relying on the shoulders. It can be changed into four different positions (frog position, facing outwards, belly to belly and on your back) and is suitable for newborns up until 3 years old.

Minimonkey Dynamic Baby Carrier

The Minimonkey Dynamic baby carrier is water resistant on the outside and 100% cotton on the inside, so your little one is cosy as can be! It’s also got some really helpful features: a small pocket for mobile phone/keys, and a sleeve where you can place your hands.

The Minimonkey’s Dynamic baby carrier is available in three colours. We love the grey with a hint of turquoise, and it’s also available in black with sand or grey lining.

Available from Minimonkey (from $159).