Pimp my ride: 28 ingenious pram accessories

Pram accessories

Sometimes it feels like your pram is permanently attached to you: wherever you go, your bub goes and your pram comes along for the ride. But your pram isn’t just a mere carriage to escort little ones about, no no no, it’s so much more than that. Your pram is a shopping trolley, a rolling home office, a cafe, a home entertainment centre, a bedroom, a dining table.

We’ve found 28 solutions to make your pram work for you: simple accessories designed to make mum’s life easier and baby’s life cosier.

1. Phone holder


Whilst texting and driving prams isn’t advised, this Brica universal phone pod ($14.95) can be a godsend when walking and listening to music, reviewing shopping lists in the supermarket or taking conference calls on the go. It’s also a great failsafe for when little ones are getting restless, move it from the handle to the bumper bar to keep your tot entertained.

2. Cup holder

Valco Baby Bevi Buddy
What’s a walk to the park without a caffè latte? A drink holder like the Valco Baby Bevi Buddy ($20) means that you no longer have try and steer a heavy pram with one one hand whilst trying not to spill your drink with another.

3. Bottle Bag

B Bag from VeeBee

And it might not just be mum who needs a refreshing sup. The B Bag from VeeBee ($24.95) is an insulated bottle bag that attaches to handle of a pram. It’s great for keeping bottles warm when on the go.

4. Stroller Organiser

3 Sprouts Stroller Organiser

Like a handbag for your pram, the 3 Sprouts Stroller Organiser ($31.95) keeps everything in easy reach. No more rummaging around your handbag to find that elusive packet of Tiny Teddies!

5. Stroller caddy

Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy

The Mac Daddy of pram organisation is the Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy ($16.99). Attaching to your pram handle with velcro, the stroller caddy incorporates a drink holder, zip-up organiser and easy access stowaway space for your phone.

6. Snack Pod


Keeping little ones fed and watered on the go can be a messy necessity. Products like the BricaSnack Pod ($24.95) are a great spill-free and clutter-free way for hungry monsters to snack.

7. Food Tray


For when a pod simply won’t do, phil&ted’s Universal Food Tray ($10) is perfect for baby banquets. This generous food tray will capture crumbs and minimise mess.

8. Dummy pouch


For mummies of serious dummy addicts, having a clean dum dum to hand can be the difference between a tantrum and an awesome day. Hook this incredibly sweet Pacifier Pouch ($8.79) to your pram handle and a spare is always in reach! It also makes a fab tiny bag for essentials like keys and phone for when you don’t feel like lugging your handbag around.

9. Net Bag

Valco Stroller net bag

There are times when Big Ted simply has to come long for the ride, or that 20 pack of loo roll from the supermarket won’t fit in your pram’s basket. This Net Bag from VeeBee ($14.95) can be folded away when you don’t need it and a blessing when you find you have your arms full!

10. Shopping Bag


For something a little sturdier, this Shopping Caddy ($64.95) means no more plastic bags. It even includes pockets for bottles, baby change items and a drink carrier.

11. Pram hooks

The Mummy Hook Stroller Hanger

A stroller hook is the the third hand that you don’t have. Hook this Mummy Hook Stroller Hanger to your pram($9.95) and it’s always there to carry that extra bag of shopping.

12. Pram toys

SkipHop Treetop Friends Stroller Bar Activity Toy

Keeping little ones entertained on long journeys can be challenging. But Skip Hop‘s gorgeous range of pram toys, including the Treetop Friends Stroller Bar Activity Toy ($34.95), will always ensure bored babies have something to entertain them.

13. Toys straps


Or if your little one won’t be separated from their favourite toy, make sure it’s never lost or thrown from the pram by attaching it with a toy strap, like this adorable toy strap from Etsy ($8.79).

14. Valco Glo Bugz Safety LED Light

Glo Bugz Safety Light

As the early evening grows darker, the The Glo Bugz Safety Light ($8.95) by Valco provides a great way to ensure you can see and be seen by other pedestrians, bikes and cars when crossing the road.

15. Houdini Stop

Houdini Stop

Escape artists beware! The Houdini Stop ($19.99) prevents wrigglers from wrestling their arms out of their shoulder harness and attempting an escape! This is a great invention designed to keep your passenger safe and secure.

16. Pram liner

Keep Me Cosy Pram Liner Blue Spot

Pram liners are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your pram a makeover, whilst also protecting it from spills and mess. Keep Me Cosy‘s Pram Liner ($39.95) is snuggly and warm as can be against your little angel’s skin.

17. Foot muff


A comfy footmuff is the hassle-free alternative to blankets. Perfect for cooler days, a footmuff is like a sleeping bag that keeps tiny toes comfy and warm, guaranteed not to fall off! Check out the uber cool, limited edition footmuff created for Bugaboo by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

18. Head support

Jolly Jumper Head Hugger

A head support like Jolly Jumper‘s Head Hugger ($19.99) provides soft support for newborns’ heads and necks. It’s the next best thing to your loving arms.

19. Buckle Cosy


A Buckle Cosy protects your bub’s soft and tender skin from rubbing against a pram’s harness buckle. Perfect for boiling hot or freezing cold days, the Keep Me Cosy Buckle Cosy ($14.95) keeps your little one comfy no matter the weather.

20. Harness Covers

Dino Dudes Car Stroller Strap Covers

Like the Buckle Cosy, Harness Covers protect your little one’s skin from rubbing against harness straps. These reversible covers from Etsy ($10.98) feature dino dudes on one side and fuzzy wuzzy dimple dot minky on the other side.

21. Umbrella / Parasol

Wayfarer & Surf Parasol

Nothing says old-timey chic like a parasol: cute-as-a-button and practical! A parasol is a must-have for compact prams that can’t accommodate a sun hood. They also offer an extra line of defence against the Australian sun. We love the unconventional square parasols from Silver Cross ($59.95) that are available in every colour of the rainbow.

22. Mosquito Net

Dreambaby Insect Netting

Let’s be honest, this is Australia and we do need to mumble to stop the flies getting in. This cheap and cheerful universal insect netting from DreamBaby ($12.95) protects little ones from mosquitos and flies, whilst letting the cool air in.

23. Rain cover


Unpredictable weather is a part of life, so it’s always handy to have a raincover with you. We love Koo-di‘s Pack it! Universal Raincover ($34.95) because it folds up into a cute case. The clear plastic panel also rolls up so your little one can stick their head out when the rain clears!

24. Shade cover

Snooze Shade Plus "Universal Fit"

A shade cover can provide UV protection, a barrier against insects and remove the sun’s glare. A universal cover such as the Snooze Shade Plus “Universal” Sun Shade ($49.95) has an easy access zip, as well as a handy “Sneak and Peak” window for you to check on your little one.

25. Rider and glider boards

Bumprider - Universal Ride On For Pram

For parents of bubs and big kids, one truth is universally acknowledged. No matter how close you are to home, your biggest will inevitably refuse to walk. So whoever invented riders and glider boards is a god among men, just pop your biggest on the glider board and no more protests! Most stroller manufacturers make accessories and attachments for their specific brands but there are also great universal riders, such as the Bumprider – Universal Ride On For Prams ($139).

26. Travel Bag

Packing up the pram and every one of its many accessories has never been so easy with phil&ted’s Universal Travel Bag ($100). The Travel Bag’s hard wearing polyester exterior and padded interior will ensure everything stays safe and secure on every plane, train and autobile journey.

27. Pram curtain

Kurtis Peace Baby pram cover

A muslin cloth thrown over the pram works just as well to block out distractions when it’s time for baby’s sleep. But when the wind takes off you’ll be glad to have something that holds on tight like the Kurtis Baby Peace pram curtain ($59.95). It can be slid to the side, just like a curtain, when not in use.

28. Shady Baby Clips

Shady Baby pram clips

Another solution for wayward muslin cloths, Shady Baby Blanket clips ($24.95) attach to any fabric ensuring your sun shade or blankie stays put! The clips have little plastic inserts so they won’t damage your pram or your blanket.