35 perfect cutlery sets for kids’ fine dining

Red Chilli Designs Toddler Täble cutlery

A well-selected cutlery set for kids can be the ultimate solution: making mealtime exciting, teaching newbies how to use utensils and encouraging fussy little ones to eat their veggies. Mealtimes don’t have to be filled with conflict, complaint and ongoing struggle. Our selection of the best cutlery and eating sets will turn dinner time into fun time! Who says fine dining is just for grown-ups?

1. Petit Jour Elmer Cutlery Set

Petit Jour Elmer Cutlery Set

Perfect for book nerds, the so Frenchy so chic Petit Jour Elmer Cutlery Set ($22) are tough stainless steel utensils featuring the world’s happiest practical joker, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

2. Toddler Täble cutlery

Toddler Table

Made specifically for small children, Toddler Täble cutlery ($50) is round and chubby, just like little toddler hands! The design makes the utensils easier to control, so make a great starter set for learning.

3. Oxo Tot Fork & Spoon Set


We love OXO Tot, they have somehow hit on the perfect compromise between modern, forward-thinking design and child-friendly practicality. Their Fork and Spoon Set ($9.95) features non-slip grips with a flat spot on the handles to prevent the Fork and Spoon from rolling off the table or high chair tray.

4. Fred Feed Me Frog

Feed Me Frog By Fred

Even the most veggie-hating bub will fall for the charms of Fred’s Feed Me Frog ($11.95). OK so it’s a little bit like French kissing a frog but little ones don’t know that! What little one could resist being fed by a bright green froggie with his tongue hanging out?

5. Mother’s Corn Feeding Sets

Mothers Corn Feeding Sets

Mother’s Corn are the ultimate brand for eco-friendly mums. Made from a natural and biodegradable material, their utensils are created for the different stages of children’s development: (clockwise from top) Mother’s Corn Feeding Spoon Sets ($18.99), Mother’s Corn Toddler & Kids Chopsticks ($4.99) Mother’s Corn Self Training Spoon/Fork ($10.99) and Mother’s Corn Step Up Spoon/Fork ($10.99)

6. Egg Soldier Cup & Toast Cutter

Egg Soldier Cup & Toast Cutter

Attenion-shun! Eggs and soldiers has never been so yummy when taken literally. The Egg Soldier Cup & Toast Cutter ($25) not only includes a Beefeater-style soldier to carefully hold and guard your egg, but a toast cutter that turns a slice of toast into soldier-shaped fingers!

7. b.box essential baby spoon

b.box essential baby spoon

The perfect spoon for on-the go, the b.box essential baby spoon ($8.95) fits perfectly inside the essential travel bib.

8. Ezee-Reach Stay-Put Cutlery and Bowl

Ezee-Reach Stay-Put Cutlery and Bowl

Rebellious spoon-throwers have finally met their match! The Ezee-Reach Stay-Put Cutlery and Bowl ($19.95) features flexible coils that ensure forks and spoons never get too far.

9. Design Letters Kids Cutlery Set


Fontophiles and avid readers will love the Kids Cutlery Set ($45) by Design Letters. Featuring a font designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1937, this cutlery set and matching plate scream European-minimalist cool.

10. Donkey Kids Spoons


It’s no longer just choo choo here comes the train! Donkey Kids Spoons ($24.95) are inspired by just about every mode of transport (and… ducks?). So get ready to practice your best vroom and chug chug sounds with these creative and fun spoons, made from painted wood.

11. Snack and stack LEGO style cutlery utensils

Snack and stack LEGO style cutlery utensils

These are the most oddly satisfying utensils we’ve ever seen. Look at  the way they just snap together all nice and tidy, it’s not just us, right? The snack and stack LEGO style cutlery utensils ($20) are perfect for travel (just snap them together and nothing is lost!) and kids will love them too. Who wouldn’t want a Lego-inspired utensil set?

12. Head Chefs Child’s Spoon and Knife

Head Chefs Childs Spoon and Knife

Head Chefs utensils are… well, little chefs with utensils for heads! We kind of also like the way that every time your little one uses them, it will be a little like giving the Child’s Spoon and Knife ($9 each) a cuddle.

13. RICE Kids fork & spoon

RICE Kids fork & spoon

RICE Kids fork & spoons ($7.95) are simple, unfancy but bright and bubbly utensils for children.

14. Fred Dinnersaurs Kids Fork and Spoon Set

Fred Dinnersaurs Kids Fork and Spoon Set

The Fred Dinnersaurs Kids Fork and Spoon Set ($59.95) were a million years in the making! Spoonosaurus and Tricerafork are the perfect prehistoric plate pals, designed to make every mealtime an adventure.

15. Dandelion Re-Play Utensils

Dandelion Re-Play Utensils 8 Pack

The Dandelion Re-Play Utensils 8 Pack ($7.95) evokes sunny meadows full of dazzling flowers and bright blue skies, take us there now!

16. Boon Benders Adjustable Baby Cutlery

Boon Benders Adjustable Baby Cutlery

No you’re not seeing things and no Uri Geller hasn’t been to visit. Boon Benders Adjustable Baby Cutlery ($9.95) can be positioned to accommodate any grip in any direction. Perfect for playing tricks on your friends, or perhaps for helping your little one eat.

17. Skip Hop Zootensils


The Skip Hop Zootensils ($11.95) feature everyones favourite happy and chubby characters. Those little smiles get us every time, who wouldn’t want to share a meal with a cast of characters this jolly?

18. Ice Cream Bucket and Spade Set

Ice Cream Bucket and Spade Set

Who would’ve thought there was a need to make eating icecream even more fun? Well there isn’t but we adore this Ice Cream Bucket and Spade Set ($18) anyway! This is the only way we’re going to eat ice cream from now on, and has given us a few ideas… perhaps a castle mould for our mash? Or watering can for our gravy?

19. IKEA FABLER cutlery set

IKEA FABLER 3-piece cutlery set

IKEA goes posh! The FABLER 3-piece cutlery set, stainless steel ($9.99) is a little elegant and classic, with just a hint of the usual IKEA playfulness on the handles.

20. IKEA KALAS cutlery set

IKEA KALAS 18-piece cutlery set, assorted colours

This is more the IKEA we know! The KALAS 18-piece cutlery set ($1.99) is so affordable and hardy that practically every parent we know has a set at home. Great for big families, this massive 18-piece set means you’ll never be missing a fork or spoon at dinner time.

21. Fred Chewdriver cutlery

Fred Chewdriver cutlery

The ultimate utensils for future builders and DIY-enthuiastis! The Fred Chewdriver cutlery ($18.95) features a magnetic handle and three attachments:  the screw-in knife, fork and spoon. Because dinnertime isn’t child’s play, it’s hard work!

22. Oogaa Baby Mealtime Spoons

Oogaa Baby Mealtime Spoon - Airplane

This Airplane Spoon ($7.95) from Oogaa Baby is made from silicone, perfectly soft for baby’s mouth, with a long handle to fit adult hands. This spoon is great for weaning as the silicone won’t support the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria and is heat resistant, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

23. Brother Max Heat Sensitive Travel Spoons

Brother Max Heat Sensitive Travel Spoons

The ultimate guard against burnt mouths, the Brother Max Heat Sensitive Travel Spoons ($5) change colour if the food is too hot. A great way to keep baby safe and your own fingers too!

24. Boon Modware Toddler Cutlery

Boon Modware Toddler Cutlery

Boon Modware Toddler Cutlery ($14.95) are the ultimate toddler tools. With a soft, comfy grip and no sharp edges to ruin a meal, these ergonomically designed utensils are the perfect starter set.

25. Fuel Folding Cutlery Set

Fuel Folding Cutlery Set

Minimise mess whilst on the go! The Fuel Folding Cutlery Set ($6.95) folds back into itself for easy storage and safety. No forking your fingers whilst hunting though lunch bags!

26. Wrenchware Mini Cutlery Set

Wrenchware Mini Cutlery Set

Wrenchware Mini Cutlery Set ($27.95) is the ultimate tribute to construction, but don’t worry the pliers don’t open! We also love the blow-molded heavy duty plastic box: keep the utensils in there for safe storage or use it separately as a toy.

27. Gourmet Kitchen Monster Spoons

Gourmet Kitchen Monster Spoons

The monsters have escaped from under the bed and have made themselves at home in the kitchen! Gourmet Kitchen’s Monster Spoons ($13) feature a googly-eyed and snaggle-toothed gaggle of goons who want to take over mealtime.

28. IS Gift chopsticks

IS Gift chopsticks Monkey Elephant Giraffe

Monkey, elephant and giraffe hold IS Gift chopsticks ($3.95) together and keep them at just the right angle, a great way to learn!

29. Villeroy and Boch Kids’ Travel Dining Set

Villeroy and Boch Kids' Travel Dining Set

This Villeroy and Boch are Kids’ Travel Dining Set ($28) shows that fancy dining doesn’t just have to be for grown-ups. This beautiful dining set is created from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel and moulded resin, and comes packaged in a stylish, hard plastic travel case with a woven loop for ease in storage.

30. Beginner Chopsticks

Beginner Chopsticks - Bright

These bright Beginner Chopsticks ($3.95), available in an assortment of lovely colours, are just the thing to get newbies perfecting their skills.

31. Stanley Rogers Children’s Marine Cutlery Set

Stanley Rogers - Children's Cutlery Set

Take a deep dive with this marine-themed Children’s Cutlery Set ($35) from Stanley Rogers. Curious Octopus, quizzical fish and happy starfish will take your little one on a journey under the sea, without leaving the table!

32. Alessi – Agli Ordini! Children’s Cutlery

Alessi - Agli Ordini Children's Cutlery

Ooh la la Alessi’s Agli Ordini! Children’s Cutlery ($27) is sleek yet modern and fun. The Agli Ordini! knife, fork and spoon all stand up and have their arms neatly folded behind them, like little soldiers waiting to do their duty.

33. Construction Utensils Cutlery Set

Construction Utensils Cutlery Set

Eating can be tough work, lots of shovelling and moving food about. The Construction Utensils Cutlery Set ($29.95) is here to help your little one manage the heavy lifting and perhaps add a little bit more fun to mealtime!

34. Fairy Garden Utensils Cutlery Set

Fairy Garden Utensils Cutlery Set

The garden fairies have found their way into the kitchen and discovered these gorgeous utensils, can you see the little fairies hiding between the leaves? Each utensil in the Fairy Garden Utensils Cutlery Set ($29.95) is based on a tool used in the garden and are designed to help to extend productive eating time. (Fairy doll available separately)

35. Petit Jour Maisy dot cutlery set

Petit Jour Maisy dot cutlery set

Everyone’s favourite little mouse Maisy in now available on utensils, thanks to Petit Jour. The Maisy dot cutlery set ($25) is as colourful as can be.