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Time goes by so fast, sometimes with the flurry of every day life it’s easy to rush through perfect little moments. Favourite toys, silly questions, small milestones, all confined to faded memories even though they are sometimes no less important or significant than the big moments. Time capsules can be the perfect way to capture both the small and big memories, and give yourself the chance to discover them years from now. Future nostalgia trip anyone?

Dutch company MakeHistory have created TimeCapsules with beautiful tools to help you create memories. Each time TimeCapsule, a simple white plastic box with super strength sealing-strip, comes with a beautiful journal, gift paper, stickers and funky tags to attach to items you place in the capsule.


Their MakeHistory website also offers fun and simple snapshots of any given time period: you can enter in your details and the site will generate a horoscope of that specific day, important recent events or a list of celebrities born on this day. They also do cute round-ups, like this big moments of 2013 that you can print out and include in your TimeCapsule.

MakeHistory also offer the Little Quote Jar. Every time your little tike asks an adorable question, or makes an astute observation (“Mummy, why is your bottom so big?” Thanks!), quickly jot it down on a piece of paper and put it in this pretty glass jar with big, fat cork stopper. It’s a lovely way to remember those brief vignettes that otherwise would quickly be forgotten. The Little Quote Jar also comes with two little notepads and a pencil so you’ll never be caught short when you want to remember a special moment.


Both the TimeCapsule and Little Quote Jar were inspired by Andy Warhol who always kept a cardboard box nearby where he would throw receipts, sketches, newspapers, phone messages and tissues with Marilyn Monroe’s lipstick mark. When they were full, he would tape the box up and write the date on it. These unintended time capsules capture Andy Warhol’s life, highlighting intimate moments. We love the idea of not letting moments slip us by. Check out the MakeHistory Pinterest page for inspiration and tips about how to create awesome memories.

MakeHistory TimeCapsules are €34.95 and the Little Quote Jar is €29.95.

Available from – international shipping is available.

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