The WANT List: 25/7/14

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So, July is nearly over and what a month it’s been! We’ve seen freezing cold temperatures and kid’s holiday madness. Here at MGV we’ve been discovering treats, trips, and toys that have kept the silly smiles on our faces, and we don’t want to keep them to ourselves any longer! Here’s our WANT list for YOU this week …

WANT to BE … First in line at the Flour Market

Oh my days … an entire market dedicated to sugary, floury goodness! Last year the Flour Market in Fitzroy’s town hall proved incredibly popular as all the locals swarmed to get their sticky mits on the sweet stuff. This year, we’re prepared and ready to get there in good time. With stalls from Cobb Lane, Dr Marty’s Crumpets, All Day Doughnuts and more we’ve decided to skip breakfast and head straight there! Sydney sweet lovers … it’s heading your way next week!

WANT to BUY … A mug sweater

Keep your tea toasty!! We are absolutely loving these adorable mug sweaters and kinda feel like everyone should know about them. If like us you’re a tea-a-holic, then these cute little cosies are exactly what you need. Check out the different designs and see which one you would pair with your perfect cup!

WANT to BUY … Concrete planter by Fox & Ramona

Industrial chic at its finest! We’ve had our eyes on this gorgeous planter all week and we can’t resist temptation any longer. Everything from Fox and Ramona is 100% handmade in Melbourne so you know that whichever planter you choose no-one else will have one like it!

WANT to WEAR … Make up by L’Oreal Paris

We cannot wait to dive into this box brimming with L’Oreal Paris goodies! A lucky-dip of beauty products is every girls dream … isn’t it?! We’re going to vamp it up this weekend with new lip tint ‘Rouge Saprano’ then add some sweetness to our Sunday with ‘Tangerine Sonate’. We’re also dying to try the ‘Magic Blur’ range, which will hopefully smudge away our mummy wrinkles like magic, or so it promises!

WANT to ESCAPE … To Sweden

The winter has certainly made an impact on us all here in the MGV office. We’re all huddled around the heater as we speak (and I think we’re gonna miss it!). If your finding the frost a little fabulous and wishing for more white weather, take a trip to Sweden for your next holiday. The Scandinavian capital has so much to offer, we can see why the locals love it! With beautiful seasons all year round, any time is a good time to go.

WANT to EAT … Chocolates from Nectar and Stone

We WANT to get our hands on these incredible chocolates from Nectar and Stone. The pretty little pyramids of chocolatey heaven are all handmade in Melbourne, available in an array of colours and can be shipped right to your door! Definitely a bookmark for your ‘present’ list. Nom nom.

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