Is Digibirds the next big toy craze?

Digibirds toy craze

Move over loom bands, the next toy craze is here, and you’d better be warned … it’s a lot noisier!

Digibirds (from $14.95) were an Australian Toy Association ‘Toy of the Year’ winner for 2014 and they have just hit the shops. These interactive birdy friends chirp, tweet, sing and move, responding to their owners’ whistles (using a whistle ring that doubles as a perch).

But what makes these virtual pets super collectible is that if you get two or more of them together, they’ll form a ‘choir’ and sing in unison … which will no doubt have your kiddies desperate to add to their menagerie and combine them with their friends’ collections for birdy concerts! There will also be add-ons like pretty birdcages and play houses to keep birds happy and singing sweetly.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s another digital element … kids can download the Digibirds smartphone App to play games and ‘unlock’ new secret songs for their digibirds to tweet.

So, get ready for a chirpy concert at your place very soon! They’re currently available instore at Big W, or pre-order online at for an August release.