The sock that monitors your baby’s breathing

Owlet baby monitor

Heart rate monitors and breathing monitors are not new. Tapping in to our parental anxieties, several manufacturers have release at-home monitoring systems that will alert you to lack of movement, heart rate changes and the like.

They usually come in the form of pads that sit under the cot mattress, and as many sleep-deprived parents will attest, they usually get turned off pretty quickly after the first few false alarms when you pick up the baby for a feed and forget to turn it off.

So this potential device has a solution – let’s put the monitor on the baby! But without any wires or annoying bits. Owlet is a smart ‘sock’ that attaches to your baby’s foot, measures heart rate and oxygen, and reports any problems direct to your smartphone.

The ‘sock’ is water resistant, hypoallergenic and the rechargeable battery is housed in soft silicone. The makers claim it won’t wake or annoy your baby, and can be worn inside a sleeping bag or sleep suit. It transmits information to an App on your phone, which also reports sleep quality and sleep position. Input breastfeeding and nappy changes to keep all your baby’s vitals in one place.

Owlet baby monitor

Owlet is currently crowdfunding and if they reach their goal, they hope to make the product a reality later this year.

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Owlet baby monitor