Pathfinders wooden science kits for hands-on learning

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Pathfinders wooden science kits

Modern kids are techie kids, I get it;  it’s the way of the world, but I want my kids to know the satisfaction of building something with their own two hands, the value of working for something, in taking the time and earning the result. Cue Pathfinders- Design + Technology.  Their cool eco-friendly wooden science kits combine good ol’ fashioned puzzle work with the technology today’s kids are accustomed to. Your little engineer can build anything, from a Pet Pteranodon ($24.95) to a Medievil Siege Tower ($47.50) all with the help of an online education and resources site.  All kits are precisely cut and drilled for easy constructions, contain clear instruction and range from beginner to advanced.

Pathfinders wooden science kits

You can also build working recreations of classic Leonardo da Vinci designs including a 15th century catapult ($39.95) perfect for flinging marshmallows in to your hot chocolate or blueberries at your big sister. Or learn about hydraulics with the cherry picker ($24.95) whose movement is powered by a hydraulic piston.

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Pathfinders wooden science kits

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