10 water slides to go down before you grow up

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Top water slides - world's best water slides

The highlight of every kids holiday is often the CRAZY AWESOME water slide you can’t tear them away from at the waterpark. Here are our top water slides every kid (big and small) has to go down before they grow up …

1. Aqua Loop, Wilderness Waterpark Resort, USA

The only way down on this ludicrous loop is through the trap door standing at a scary 17 meters tall. Once riders experience the free-fall they accelerate up to 60km an hour within just 2 seconds. Within 7 seconds riders have shot around the loop, the fun’s all over, and so is any hope of lunch digesting!

2. Bullet Bowl, Watercube, China

If the bold and bright colours of the watercube park weren’t enough to baffle your brain then get ready for the bullet bowl! Riders go in pairs and sit in their tubes before the current takes them down and around the bowl. Once the spinning’s over, the ride sends you through a corkscrew motion diving into the pool below. Aaaaaahhhhh… At least you can hold someones hand the whole way down!

3. Onboard the Carnival Cruise Ship

Climb aboard one of Carnival Cruise Line’s newer ships and you could have endless fun on the tangled Twister water slide. The onboard attraction offers guests the ultimate cool-down treat by spinning them crazy while traveling out in the middle of the ocean.

4. The Tower of Neptune, Atlantis, Dubai

Scared of sharks anyone? Turn away now! The Tower of Neptune offers the ultimate thrill seekers experience for anyone who’s game. After falling over nine storeys down the slippery slope riders are then sent speeding through the terrifying clear tube surrounded by sharks and sting rays!

5. The Cobra, Six Flags, USA

The Cobra from Six Flags in New Jersey does more than look the part. This slithering slide starts at 17 meters tall and is a crazy 78 meters long! Riders are sent spinning down the back of the snake before being catapulted straight into the Cobra’s mouth!

6. Python, Waterbom, Bali

This Python at Waterbom Park in Bali takes three people on a nail-biting ride … all at the same time! Everyone faces each other in the circular tube as they twist and turn around before splashing into the pool at the end. WARNING: major drench factor!

 7. Tornado, Hurricane Harbour, USA

This is one impressive looking ride! If the whirlpool and crazy colour combo doesn’t send you into a spin, the ride will definitely leave you feeling a little dizzy! The tornado takes up to 6 riders at any one time, sharing the same circular tube as they spin from one side of the funnel to the other.

8. Insano, Beach Park, Brazil

Crowned as the world’s tallest water slide, the Insano in Brazil stands at a whopping 41 meters tall! That’s as high as a 14 storey building! After taking the plunge, riders reach speeds of up to 104km and hour, letting gravity take over. No wonder the Insano scored top spot in the Guinnes Book of World Records … it’s massive!

9. Slide Racer, Hotel Saturno, Majorca

The Hotel Saturno in Majorca is home to this multi-coloured beauty. With 6 lanes, this ride is perfect for families of four and more.  Everyone gets a chance to take part in the wet and wild fun with this rainbow rush!

10. Taboggan, Citta del Mare, Sicily

We’ve certainly saved the best for last with this one! What could be better than sliding right into the Mediterranean Sea? The Toboggan at Citta del Mare has riders whisked down the cliffside while admiring the incredible views. Each slide leads you on the the pool below before sliding you straight into the bright blue waters.

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