Mamaway’s sleek & seamless maternity bra

Mamaway Seamless Maternity Bra

A really good bra is a girl’s BFF. Especially during pregnancy or feeding, when your shape is changing daily and you need all the support and flexibility you can get.

So it’s time to meet your new best buddy. The Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Maternity Bra ($69.95) is a soft, stretchy, wire-free bra that feels and looks amazing. The seamless design means it’s versatile, comfortable, and sits really nicely under clothes, giving you a great shape. It’s like the ultimate t-shirt bra, that just happens to be a maternity bra!

Mamaway Seamless Maternity Bra

There are no wires or fiddly bits to dig into your skin, so it practically feels like wearing nothing: you can even wear it to bed if you need that extra support at night, and it stretches 2-3 cup sizes so it will grow with you through your pregnancy.

Once baby has arrived and you’re feeding, there are wide straps with easy-one hand drop-down clips and the bra is machine washable. Yay!

Mamaway Seamless Maternity Bra

With its sporty lines, we love the way this bra looks just like a workout crop or a tank singlet, rather than a nursing bra, so you won’t be embarrassed about anyone catching a glimpse. And there are no embellishments, lace or stitching to create lumps and bumps – just a smooth, seamless look! No wonder over a million of these bras have been sold worldwide.

Available in four shades – practical black and nude, perfect for layering under all your outfits, or soft purple and pink for a subtle splash of colour.

Available from Mamaway.