21 rad t-shirts for toddlers

Despite being wobbly little critters that spend their days getting into trouble, we love toddlers. As they bend us to their tiny wills with adorable smiles, it’s hard to imagine they could get any cuter. But we’re always up for trying! From nerdy fox prints to on-trend high-low hems, we’re sharing 21 seriously stylish toddler tees, hand-picked to guarantee maximum charm.

1. Hello Stranger


Be bright, be bold and be stripy in this colourful naughts and crosses tee ($39.90) from Hello Stranger. Look out crosses, the naughts are about to win!

2. Baobab


Baobab have mastered understated hipster style with their headphones tee ($39.95).

3. Kid & Kind

Toddler tshirts

Just like the sad panda on Kid + Kind’s t-shirt ($30), toddlers also have a lot of feelings. Sometimes they feel like drawing on the walls or throwing their food on the floor. Gotta love them.

4. Nununu


Every little pirate needs a treasure-hunting outfit, and X marks the spot with the Big Skull T-shirt by Nununu ($46).

5. Coq en Pate & Mibo


Leave it to the French to design the most brilliant t-shirts. C’mon, a face on the front and a tail in the back? These animal t-shirts from Coq en Pate & Mibo ($29) are bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

6. Littlehorn

T shirts toddler

Cheese, lettuce, tomato? Tick! Weird mutant burgerman? Tick! Littlehorn has designed the ultimate in bizarre tees for hungry tots ($39.95).

7. Teez Loueez

10. -Boy-a-noise-with-dirt-on-it

Truer words were never screen-printed on a shirt. Pick up this Teez Loueez Boy Definition tee (approx $12.00) for your noisy, dirty little darling.

8. Wilson & Frenchy

tshirts toddlers

What’s better than a giant blue whale? A giant blue whale wearing a bowler hat, of course. Swim into summer with this beauty from Wilson & Frenchy ($24.95).

9. Chalked Threads

Toddler tshirts

Superb for budding miniature artists, Chalked Threads’ Say it Loud Tee ($38) demands to be scribbled on.

10. Hamb Kids


Its never too early to instil a sense of adventure in your little one. Inspire your junior nomad with this Hamb Kids Caravan Tee ($39).

 11. Zane Geo


Zane’s Geo Elephant tee ($25) from Bebe is the perfect soft shirt for a squishy, snuggable tot.

12. Rock Your Baby

T shirts toddlers

The Wolfman Approves ($39.95) – and between the on-trend aqua colour and the awesomely whimsical wolfman, so do we.

13. Marc Jacobs

Toddler tshirts

What could be cuter than sketched-in pockets and hand-drawn lace? We love this red beauty from Little Marc Jacobs ($49.95).

14. Alphabet Soup


Kids’ attraction to all things icky and gooey is second to none. Keep them clean and slimy all at once with the Alphabet Soup Slime Tee ($39.95).

15. Mod and Mini

Toddler tshirts

The trendy toddler knows that foxes are the new owls. Your kid will be ahead of the coolness curve with Mod and Mini’s Nerdy Hipster Fox tee (approx $20.00).

16. Huxbaby


Huxbaby’s Big Dot Drop Back Tee ($40) is perfect for tiny stylish lovers of geometry.

17. The Kids Next Door


Calling all intrepid little explorers! The Adventure Awaits t-shirt by The Kids Next Door (approx $25.00) is the ideal accompaniment to a spyglass and safari hat.

18. Monstar kids

Tshirts toddlers

Perfect for powwows with playmates, Monstar Kids Teepee Tee ($29.99) is a masterpiece of on-trend pattern-mixing and colour-blocking.

19. Oobi


Be still our beating hearts. The sweet spotted lining of the Riley French Blue Top ($29.95) is totes adorbs.

20. Fox & Finch


The lolly-pink and baby blue trim elevates this Fox & Finch Mexican dog top ($29.95) to something extra special.

21. Minti


One day they’re crawling, and the next they’re off like speedy little bunnies. Keep them well in sight in this bright top by Minti ($44.95).