Destination WEEKEND (19/12/14)

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With Christmas just around the corner, hopefully you’ve got the presents wrapped, the in-laws sorted and the bird ordered. Meanwhile, we’re here to help you distract your little darlings now that school holidays have arrived! Happy weekend!

We want to SEE: The lions’ new home at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo - Lion Gorge

Melbourne Zoo’s new Lion Gorge opens on Saturday, where your little thrill-seekers can get close up to two of the world’s greatest predators – the African lion and the African wild dog. If that wasn’t exciting enough, kids can also take on a series of challenges, such as testing their skills as a predator by searching for prey. We give this one a roar of approval!

We want to EAT: Santa hats!

Santa hat brownies

Christmas party season is on us in full force, and everyone expects you to bring a plate – especially the kids. We love this Santa hat treat as it  looks super impressive but is actually very simple to make. Tip: pick up some brownies at the supermarket to make this even easier .

We want to MAKE: Latkes

Two Lazy Gourmets latkes

With Channukah approaching we couldn’t let you get away without some latkes. This recipe from Two Lazy Gourmets is the next best thing to having a Bubbe to cook them for you. If you’re super busy, don’t worry about all that applesauce and crème fraîche – simply sprinkle with sugar and chow down .

We want to GO: Dotty!

Yayoi Kusama - The Obliteration Room

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is literally dotty, and it seems that she wants everyone to join her. Her new exhibition at GOMA in Brisbane, The Obliteration Room, is a sticky interactive activity where kids and adults can stick dots on the wall of a room. Mixing fun with a dose of culture, we think it’s the perfect family day out.

We want to SEE: Robocar Poli

Robocar Poli

What would Transformers look like if they lived in the same town as Postman Pat? They’d be Robocar Poli! There’s always a kitten to save off a roof in Broomtown, and in two new DVDs, School and Circus, the team faces all sorts of easily-digested, adorable, anthropomorphic crises.

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