13 fun lunch box ideas for starting school

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Fun first day lunch box ideas

Whether you meal plan or make it up as you go, school lunches can be a real chore. But a little bit of creativity can go a long way in making the back-to-school lunch more of a treat for both you and your kids. Eat up these 13 lunch box ideas and pack some fun into their first day back.

1. Sandwich board

Blackboard lunchbox

This DIY blackboard lunchbox is the perfect way to tell your munchkin you’re thinking about them even when you’re not there. Just grab an old lunch tin, spray inside the lid with some blackboard paint and chalk up today’s special note. The tutorial is at Scissors and Spatulas.

2. Clever cookie

Letter Cookies

Spell out a secret message for your cookie monster with these letter biscuits. Clever cooks could bake their own or you can grab them ready-made from IKEA ($3.99). A sweet idea from Art Bar.

3. Go bananas

Banana message

Grab a B1 and 2B for a no-cost lunchbox note. Write on a banana with a pencil and by lunch the words will darken to reveal your love letter. A very a-peeling trick from Free Stylin’.

4. It’s in the bag

LunchbagThese DIY oil cloth sandwich bags may be the best thing since sliced bread. Or at least the best thing for sliced bread since they’re reusable, clean easily and give a truly personal touch to lunchtime. Just sew together some oil cloth squares then slip in your biter’s favourite sanger. Follow the tutorial at Momtastic.

5. Bear hunt

Bear stamp cutter

Today’s the day the teddy bears are the picnic with these beary cute Sandwich Stamp Cutters ($10).

6. Stamp collection

Cookie Stamp

Brand your bickies with this clever Customisable Cookie Stamp ($24.95) by Suck UK. A great way for your junior master chef to help in the kitchen while getting ready for their first day at school.

7. Juicy idea

Drinks cover

If you are old school and like to cover the kid’s books with paper, keep going and wrap up their juice box. Add some stamps and stickers for an extra bit of fun. A crafty idea from Design Sponge.

8. The eyes have it

Eyes food picks

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid! Keep an eye on your little one’s lunch with these kooky Google Eye Food Picks ($8).

9. Put a spork in it


Sporks. Great name but usually not so great to eat with. But this modern spork by Ukonserve ($9.95) actually works by simply being a fork on one end and a spoon on the other. It’s the only utensil you’ll ever need to pack.

10. It’s a wrap


If you’re in a sandwich slump, roll up for a new lunchbox idea. Make your own pizza roll by spreading your favourite sauce, cheese and herbs on a tortilla, roll it up, toast and slice into bite size treats. Quick, easy and yummo recipe by Bev Cooks

11. Make the grade

Grade lunch

Show your little learner just how big they are getting by theming their lunch around the grade they are starting. Cut their year into a sandwich with a cookie cutter and for some extra fun, give them the corresponding number of snacks. See how it’s done by Keeley McGuire.

12. Just joking

Lunchbox Jokes

Why did the tomato blush? Because it saw the salad dressing! Daggy dad jokes are no longer just for Christmas lunch. These printable lunchbox jokes from Wine and Glue keep the cheer going all year round.

13. Printables

Lunchbox printable

If you want to show the apple of your eye how pear-fect you think they are, and encourage them to eat their fruit, these lunchbox note printables are plum perfect. A berry special idea from Alpha Mom.

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