6 simple slices for the school lunch box

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Date and coconut slice

We all want our kids to eat healthily, but sometimes there isn’t time to make nutritious snacks amidst the morning school madness. To avoid buying pre-packed options on the way to school, we’ve put together some of our favourite easy recipes for you to make on Sunday and grab throughout the week.

Here are our top six school lunchbox slices to enjoy.

1. Muesli slice

Muesli Slice

This mouth-watering muesli slice is the ultimate breakfast bar! Jam-packed with oats, dried fruit, seeds and Weet-Bix, this natural nut free slice will keep the kids going all afternoon without the dreaded sugar highs and lows. Yum! (via Taste)

2. Honey popcorn slice

Honey Popcorn Slice

This super quick and easy popcorn slice is the perfect mid-morning snack for your little munchkins. Store bought popcorn is often full of lots of hidden additives, so steer clear of the nasties and pop your own at home! With added natural sweetness from honey and maple syrup, the kids will devour this slice in seconds! (via The Secret Squirrel)

3. Coco pop crunch

Chocolate Rice Kispie Squares

Add a little fun to the kids’ lunchtime feast with these coco pop treats. Simply melt butter with marshmallows then add the coco pops to form a tray of deliciousness. Sprinkle with a confetti of colour, cool and slice. We think the kids will love this as a Friday lunchtime treat. (via Sweet 2 Eat Baking)

4. Date & coconut slice

Coconut & Date Slice

One Handed Cooks are ticking all the lunchtime boxes with this scrummy date and coconut slice. Made from apple sauce and dates to provide a natural sweetness, and wholemeal flour, oats and quinoa for a yummy chewy texture, this one ticks all the healthy boxes too! (via One Handed Cooks)

5. Anzac slice

Anzac Slice

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. This Anzac slice is a great addition to any lunchbox, especially for those fussy eaters out there! Keep it plain or mix it up a little by adding seeds, dried fruit or even chocolate chips. Once baked and sliced, store in an airtight container out of the fridge to keep it crunchy and chewy in all the right places. (via Taste)

6. Lemon & coconut slice

Lemon & Coconut Slice

Ooohhh yummy zesty goodness! The whole family will want a piece of this lemon coconut slice. Condensed milk, desiccated coconut and crumbly biscuits make the perfect base for this beauty before it’s topped with a shiny layer of lemon icing. Slice and keep in the fridge ready for those little hands to grab and go. (via The Cake Mistress)

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