Combing attractions: 11 hairstyles for girls

Cute girl hairdos
If the thought of starting another school year playing salon stylist has you tied up in knots, we’re hair to help! It’s time to part with the pony and give piggies the flick. Brush up on these 11 divine dos for your little ladies’ locks and win best tressed of the playground.

1. Minnie me

Minniemouse hairstyle
Bring the magic of Disney to life with the Minnie Mouse. Your mouseketeer will go goofy over this gorgeous hair bow and you’ll love how easy it is. Start off a regular pony but only pull a small loop of hair through on the final pull, leaving the rest of the hair to hang loose below the elastic. Split the loop in two, pulling each half towards the head to form the loops of a bow. Lay the loose hair through the centre of the loops and secure. Check out the full tutorial with pictures at Lilyshop.

2. Crowning glory

Crown hairstyle
Channel your inner stage mum and put your styling talents on show with the Twisted Ballerina Bun. Also known as the Crown, it’s a regal do for your little princess. Starting at the side, French braid across the top and around the crown of the head. Finish off with a bun to secure. Follow the full instructions at The Blue Closet.

3. Sock it to me

Topknot hairstyle
Take that, bad hair day, with this top notch Top Knot. You won’t believe the secret weapon is a sock! Cut the toe off a sock and roll it back onto itself to make a tube. Slide the tube over the top of a pony tail and roll the tips of the hair over the tube, top and bottom. Keep rolling towards the head so the hair rolls around the tube and pin in place. See how to make and use the sock tube at Kojo Designs.

4. Fake it ’til you make it

Waterfall hairstyle
Fakers gonna fake, but there’ll be no haters of the Fake Waterfall Braid. It’s as good as the real thing but swift! Start a French braid to one side, running across the back of the head. Drop a strand of hair from the bottom loop of the braid each time to create the waterfall effect. A step-by-step is available at Snapguide.

5. Let it grow

Elsa braid hairstyle
We probably could have started and ended the list with this one because, once you’ve mastered the Elsa Braid, it might be all you’ll be doing. But Frozen has to melt sometime, right? Start a French braid to one side and braid across the base of the head. Sweep hair above the braid across to the opposite side and only add hair into the bottom loops. When the braid reaches the opposite side of the head, add in the hair from above and finish off the braid as normal. Kids Activities Blog has a full tutorial.

6. Out of the closet

Scarfbun hairstyle
Remember when you had time in the morning to accessorise? Dig into your closet, blow the dust off that box of old scarves and give them a new life. The Scarf Bun is the perfect up-cycle up-do. Loop a scarf into a pony, divide hair in two and braid, using the scarf as the third strand. Twist up into a bun and secure. A how-to guide is on The Chic.

7. Miss Piggy

Fishtail piggies hairstyle
There’s nothing fishy about these cheeky Fishtail Piggies – a playful spin on an old classic. Start a fish bone braid at the back of the head. Once your reach the nape of the neck, tie it off into two pigtails. Princess Piggies will step you through it.

8. Knot what you think

Knottedpony hairstyle
Hair bands tend to disappear like socks in a washing machine. So, next time you turn your house upside down and your handbag inside out and can only find a couple of bobby pins, try the Hair Knot. There’s surely a scout badge for this one. Just split hair in two, knot, knot again and pin in place. Check out the tutorial on Fashionising.

9. Daddy do

Pullthroughbraid hairstyle
We’ve all seen the pictures on Facebook of the poor girl with a bread roll on her head because Dad was asked to put her hair in a bun. The Pull Through Braid is one even Dad can’t get wrong. If he can tie a pony tail, he can do this. No bakery products required. Just tie a pony, split hair in two (top and bottom) and tie another elastic on the top piece about an inch below the first. Pull the hair from the bottom half through the hair between the two elastics so it becomes the top strand. Repeat the process of tying an elastic on the top strand and pulling through the bottom strand until you reach the end of the hair. Secure both strands with an elastic. Get Dad to watch the full instructions at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

10. Let’s do the twist

Twist hairstyle
It’s simple with a twist – literally. Great for short hair, with the Simple Twist you just twist, clip and go. A great idea from Girly Do Hairstyles.

11. Not so easy as ABC

AtoZ hairstyle
If you’ve conquered the ABC’s of hair styling and are looking for a challenge, why not try the rest of the alphabet? Top marks if you make the braid. Video tutorials are available from the clever people at Babes in Hairland.

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