Book Review: A River

Book Review - A River by Marc Martin

There is a river outside my window. Where will it take me?

Rich colours, lush textures and dense, layered imagery floated into MGV HQ to enchant us in a new picture book titled A River, from award-winning Aussie illustrator, Marc Martin. The story begins from an ordinary child’s bedroom and transports the readers on an imaginative journey from the city to the sea. From cityscapes, farmlands to wild jungles and mangroves, kids will be delighted by the visual feast of landscapes each page explores.

We’re utterly enraptured by the stunning illustrations of the book and reckon kids will wish they could go into this beautiful world as well. Each page is so rich in detail that you can read this with your kids over and over again and still discover something new each time. Coupled with poetic text and a hypnotic rhythm, it’s the perfect bedtime storybook that will have your poppet literally drifting away as they follow the journey of a little silver sailboat.

Our tip on how to read this with your kids: try to spot the hidden animals and sets of peepers lurking in the pages. Get your copy from Bookworld.

Beautiful book by Mark Martin. A River

A River by Marc Martin factories

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Book Review: A River
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