10 adorable ways to display your photos

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Say cheese! If we’re not posting like crazy to Instagram, we’re getting snap happy with a polaroid – it seems we’re all going silly for selfies! But once you’ve captured that special moment, it’s crazy to keep them on your phone, or in a tired looking frame forever. Add some pizazz to your pics with our top ten creative ways to display photos.

1. Jar full of cuteness

Photos in a Jar - A Beautiful Mess

Turn those Mason jars upside down and fill them with fun memories! Mix black and white photos with coloured prints, then use jars of all shapes and sizes to create your own photos jars. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Hang with pride

Hanging Photos - Old Brand New Blog

Got a blank wall at home in need of some loving? This coat hanger idea is a cheap and easy way to add personal art to your walls. That pile of kids doodles could look quite cool too! (via Old Brand New Blog)

3. Polaroid Coaster Art

DIY Photo Coasters - Darkroom And Dearly

Turn the ‘everyday’ into something eccentric. We’re loving these homemade polaroid coasters! You’ll think back on fond memories with every sip! (via Darkroom and Dearly)

4. Cookie Christmas ornaments

Cookie Cutter Photos - Martha Stewart

For the geeky crafter in us all; these cookie cutter ornaments are full of holiday cheer. Now you can turn your Christmas conifer into a real festive ‘family tree’. (via Martha Stewart)

5. Honeycomb hearts

Minted Strawberry

Fab for photos of the kids, or ones of close family and friends; we’re like totally crushing on this pattern photo display. (via Minted Strawberry)

6. Headboard heart

Polaroid Headboard 79 Ideas

There’s a lot of love in this room. Sticking all the photos in just the right spot looks like a bit of work, but this heart montage has inspired us to get creative and cute with our headboards. (via Warren Heath on 79ideas)

7. Memories in the mail

Photo Envelope Liners - Darkroom and Dearly

Put a smile on someone’s face by sending a memory the old fashioned way! Get your photos printed and cut to size to make your very own homemade envelope liners. (via Darkroom and Dearly)

8. Travel treasures

Photos Wall Map - Chelsea Crockett

If you and the fam like to travel the world then this map is a must! Take a family photo in every city, town, beach or boat and make your own family photo-map. (via Chelsea Crockett)

9. Play the photo game

Photos Rubix Cube - Obsessively Stitching

Time to make a photo puzzle! Peel away those silly coloured stickers (who needs them anyway?) and replace them with square cut-outs of your own photos. Stick in place, wait for the glue to dry (patiently) then have hours of fun playing rubiks cube with some friendly faces. (via Obsessively Stitching)

10. We are family

Photos Gift Tags - Sweet Paul

Go the extra mile next time for someone’s special celebration. No present in the world can top the fact that it’s wrapped with their own memories! We love these personalised gift-tags and wrap. (via Sweet Paul)

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