Stick’em up! 17 fun foods to put on sticks

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Sweet chocolate dipped waffles on sticks

Nothing says “eat me now” like food on a stick. The ingenious idea for simple serving and snacking has got us questioning the need for our beloved knives and forks (just kidding!). Dip it, grab it, stick it – the kids’ love it and so do we!

To show our appreciation for this super cute snack we’ve found 17 bite-sized stick-y treats you just have to try at home.

Glaze and glory

Fun confetti pops for parties

Don’t waste the holes of your donuts! Stick ’em, dip ’em and make your very own donut pops for a colourful party treat! We can’t get enough of these confetti covered cuties. (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

Simple sushi

Simple sushi on a stick

Why stop the sushi fun at rolling? These scrummy sushi pops may even make the “avo only” eaters tempted to try a new combo. (via Better Recipes)

Streamlined sandwich

Party turkey and veggie skewers

Save the kids leaving all their crusts by making a bread-free sandwich! These turkey and veggie skewers are an awesome idea for kids parties or easy lunchtime nibble. Simple, quick and delicious! (via One Charming Party)

No-bake ball

Delicious cookie dough bites

As if cookie dough wasn’t tempting enough! Dipped, sticked and chocolate chipped; someone has definitely been eavesdropping on our 3pm daydreams with these chocolate chip cookie truffles. (via Bakerella)

Petite pancakes

Sweet mini pancakes on sticks

Want to make the weekend brekkie a little more fun? These mini pancakes pops are a sure-fire way to keep the munchkins at the table. (via Dulces Bocados)

Salad Stack

cool ideas for giving kids salad

Lets face it; salad can be seriously boring (you know it’s true!). If you’re not one to get creative in the kitchen, simply stack your salad on a stick, drizzle with dressing and dive right in. (via Food Network)

Super swirls

Mini cinnamon roll bites on sticks

Hhmm…So we’ve got a serious weakness for freshly baked buns (who doesn’t?), but when they’re bite-sized and in abundance we simply can’t resist. These mini cinnamon rolls are our kryptonite. (via Artisan Bread in Five)

Favourite flavours

Simple salads ideas

Why waste time rummaging for the best bits in your salad when you can simply stack them on a stick! This watermelon salad on a stick is a genius idea. Yum! (via All Recipes)

Wonderful waffles

Sweet chocolate dipped waffles on sticks

Oh crickey! We thought waffles were already a tough treat to turn down, and now someone’s gone and dipped them in toffee and chocolate. We give up. (via Better Recipes)

Macaron mouthful

Raspberry macaron pops

Macarons are a definite favourite come afternoon teatime. Popping these pretties on a stick and making them even cuter simply seals the deal. We want. (via Tartelette Blog)

Breaded Babybel

Deep fried babybel cheeses on sticks

Think bite-sized pieces of baked Camembert, only cheaper, more delicious and definitely a tad more naughty. Yep, that’s right, deep fried Babybel just rolled in! Served on sticks straight from the pan they’re begging to be eaten. (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

Nuts for nutella

Yummy nutella pop puff bites

Keep getting caught with a spoon full of Nutella in your mouth? Same here, and it isn’t pretty. If you’re totally nutty for the good stuff, but want to step away from the spoon, these Nutella pop puffs will have you (and your tummy) rejoicing in no time. (via Sabrina Sue)

Pretty pretzels

Pretty pretzels on sticks

Forget cake pops. Pretzel pops are the new guys in town and they’re taking the savoury snack to a whole new level. Sprinkle with herbs, cheese or a mixture of both – It’s time to test your topping skills! (via Brit & Co )

Shortbread stack

Strawberry stick with cream and shortbread

Biscuit, cream, fruit. Biscuit, cream, fruit. Next time you have a really bad day, say these 3 magic words out loud and this strawberry shortcake skewer will appear before your very eyes. Well…not really, but we can all dream. (via Karen in the Kitchen)

Peanut perfection

yummy frozen cups with peanut brittle and ice cream

Technically not on a stick, but these layered peanut butter brittle ice cream pops are too tasty to miss the list! Layers of peanut brittle, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter are scooped into paper cups before being set to perfection. When ready, grab the spoon ‘handle’ and go to town! (via Better Recipes)

Frozen fruit

Strawberry pops with frozen yoghurt

For a sweet summertime snack, it doesn’t get much better than these super juicy Strawberry pops. Dunked in yoghurt and covered in a strawberry jelly, they’re the perfect combination of tangy tasty sweetness! (via Cuisine Addict)

Easy kiwi

Chocolate dipped kiwi fruit sticks

Oh chocolate, we love you. A simple dip in the good stuff and these kiwi popsicles are a super easy treat to keep the kids (and mum) smiling in summer. (via Show Food Chef)

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