14 IKEA hacks to pimp your baby’s nursery

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You want to make your baby room BRILLIANT but kinda blew the budget on bub’s awesome alternating wardrobe and the best play pen you’d ever seen, like ever! Well don’t fret, a clever game of ‘swapsies’ on some IKEA favourites means you can add all the cutsie touches you want while keeping your purse happy.

Here are 14 super easy IKEA hacks for babies nursery.

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1. Frame it

Ikea Nursery Hacks

A is for awesome! The UNG DRILL picture frame is the perfect piece for this super cute monogram idea from the DIY Mommy. Want to try this one at home? Christina has the full tutorial on her site. (via The DIY Mommy)

2. Cute clothes rail

Turn an Ikea spice rack it to kids hangers

Don’t be fooled by this teeny tiny clothes rail. This is an ingenious hack on the BEKVAM spice rack costing a whopping $2.99! Use a couple for the little ones wardrobe, or keep it simple with one and let those pretty party outfits shine! (via Piper + Poppies)

3. Everyday essentials

Ikea Hack Ideas

The FINTORP condiment and cutlery stand may hold all the essentials for the kitchen, but in this nursery they’re taking charge of the change table! Simply hang the FINTORP rail above your change mat, add the accessories and you’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips (and out of bubba’s way). (via Baby Rabies)

4. Racks of bookshelves

Ikea Nursery Hack Ideas

The BEKVAM spice rack is back, and this time it’s transformed into bookshelves for your mini little reader! Painted a variety of colours, the simple shelving solution can really brighten up a blank wall and all those books. (via Erin Maree)

5. Cabinet-come-change table

IKEA hacks for the nursery change table

‘Cos baby’s bum deserves the best! A roll of blue wallpaper (baby blue of course) and bub’s essentials transform the HENSVIK cabinet from boring bookcase into adorable change table. (via Poppinette)

6. Hang with pride

Ikea Nursery Hack Ideas

Get savvy with storage ideas and create a whole wall for hanging. The LOSJON hangers are perfect for the job – they’re bright, easy to attach and perfect for all those bits and bobs! (via Livet Hemma)

7. Rally rail

Ikea Hack Ideas

Forget shoving all the boys toys into boxes and hiding them under the bed. Attach a few GRUNDTAL magnetic knife racks to the wall to keep the toys in sight and off the floor! (via Just A Girl and Her Blog)

8. Chest of colour

IKEA hack ideas for the nursrey

Love it! Want it! Need it! The IKEA PS Chest gets a super stylish splash of paint and an assortment of funky knobs, and viola! Possibly the cutest chest of drawers to date. (via Chic Deco)

9. DIY doll house

Ikea Hack Ideas

The STUVA storage unit gets a full facelift with this fab doll house hack. Complete with washi tape windows and mini furniture, it’s the perfect little set up for the kiddie’s playtime. (via Livet Hemma)

10. Mobile wardrobe

Ikea Hack Ideas

Roll it in and roll it out! We love this transformation of the RASKOG kitchen trolley into a kid’s mobile wardrobe. Keep their shoes on top and you’ll save yourself that constant search for the missing foot. (via The Glitter Guide)

 10. Book shelf change table

Ikea Hack Ideas

The KALLAX shelving unit is a one of the stores most popular buys. Turn on its side, cover with panels and paint to turn into a super slick change unit. Those cubbyholes will fill up in no time! (via Young House Love)

11. Rug up

Ikea Hack for the Nursery

Why have one rug when you can have two! Create a whole length of cosy comfort for your feet by stitching two TEJN faux sheepskin rugs together. For the nights when bubba won’t settle this idea is a keeper. (via Thrifty and Chic)

12. Cute keepsakes

Ikeas Nursery Hacks

This is a great idea for a piece of personal wall art. When the kids have outgrown all those tiny shoes, display them in box frames for the days when you forget just how small they were. (via Fawn and Forest)

 13. Train coming through

How to hack an ikea shelve into a train table

Gather their games and put a train set on top! We love this clever hack on the KALLAX shelving unit. This train table is set at the perfect height for the young ones to play while keeping all the games and toys stored in nice neat piles. (via Ikea Hackers)

14. Big and small

Ikea Nursery Hack Ideas

And for when number two comes along there’s always room for change. The MYDAL bunk bed frame makes way for bub by removing a bed and adding a crib. Bunk on top + crib underneath = ultimate space saver. (via Apartment Therapy)

• Ikea hacks – 20 ideas to try
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