13 ridiculously easy Autumn crafts

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There’s a crispness in the morning air and the leaves are starting to fall – there’s no denying that Autumn is well and truly here. The temp may have dropped a little but that doesn’t mean all the outdoor fun has to stop! Autumn is the perfect time to get creative with nature’s pretty palette. From making colourful crowns to creating your very own woodland creatures, here are 13 awesome Autumn crafts for you and the kids to make.

Lovely leaves

Making Autumn Leaves

Rustling leaves are great for crafty inspiration. We love this idea of getting the kids to make their own autumn leaves at home. Simply collect your favourite shapes and colours outdoors then come inside and use them as a template. With bowls of paint in orange, yellow and red it’s super easy to re-create that rusty autumnal look.  (via lovely design)

Glam it up with glitter

Cover leaves with glitter

These autumn leaves garland stunners are so pretty that we want to drape their brightening sparkliness in every corner of house! That’s the power of glitter folks. (via 6th Street Design School)

Hedgehog hibernation basket

Hedgehog Crafts

This hedgehog hibernation basket is like a sensory box for the seasons! Gather fallen treasures from weekend walks and playing in the park to make up your own mini woodland. These adorable hedgehogs are made from found seed balls, but you could easily use pinecones or acorns too. It’s a fantastic way to encourage imaginative story telling and role-play amongst the little ones. (via The Imagination Tree)

Acorn spider web

Autumn Crafts

Weave a natural wonder with this creepy crawly spider web! Adults can pierce the acorn first before handing the crafting over to the kids. Once that’s out the way they’ll love spinning the web of woven raffia. Top tip – make sure you know where they put the finished piece and save yourself those sudden scares! (via The Imagination Tree )

Happy Headbands

Making headbands with autumn leaves

Different leaves call for different… animal ear shapes of course! These super-cute paper animal crowns will ignite the kids’ wild imaginations as they pretend they’re a bunny, owl or perhaps bear in the forest. (via Handmade Charlotte)

Leaf bowl

Autumn crafts

Bring the beauty of the Autumn outdoors inside with a gorgeous DIY leaves bowl. Using the easy-peasy paper mache technique, the tots can help you put together this golden goodie. (via Shelterness)

Pinecone bunny

Autumn Crafts Pinecone Bunny

This pinecone bunny is officially too cute! When the poppets have spent the afternoons foraging that pile of pinecones, bring some inside for a little pine cone DIY. Cut out felt for furry ears, a nose can be a wooden bead and add some googly eyes – you’ll have a new forest friend in no time! (via Fireflies and Mudpies)

Wax-dipped leaves

Make a DIY leaf mobile

Don’t want the spectacular leaves of Autumn to ever end? Then you can preserve them by dipping colourful Autumn leaves in wax and hang them somewhere for visitors to admire. ( via Martha Stewart)

A stitch in time

Use string to stitch faces in leaves

Embroidering fresh leaves takes on an unexpected use of an old-fashioned craft. Kids can use embroidery thread or even dental floss to bring faces of creatures they see in the leaves to life. (via Handmade Charlotte)

Leaf crowns

DIY crown made from leaves

The kids will feel like the King and Queen of Autumn wearing this fab golden leaf crown! Fun to make and even more fun to wear, this crown creation take no time at all to make – definitely one of our favourite Autumn afternoon makes! (via Varpunen)

Leaf critters

Autumn Crafts

Turn those tiny leaves into tiny little critters! Collect a handful of leaves of all shapes and sizes and then lay them out onto paper. You only need a few crafty essentials to make up the funny faces and the kids imaginations can do the rest! A leaf-fish… a leaf-man… a leaf-bird? We wonder what your mini crafters will come up with? (via Tinkerlab)


Autumn Leaf Maze

For the ultimate Autumn fun, the leaf maze may not technically be a ‘craft’ but gosh the tiny tots will love it! Get all the youngsters in your neighbourhood to gather leaves from their backyards and together you can make a mega maze for everyone to enjoy! (via happy hooligans)

Mask it up

DIY Masks with leaves

He’s quicker than the wind –  it’s Leaf Man! The kids will have a blast dressing up in these beautiful leaf masks, designed to transform ordinary kid into superhero. (via Small Friendly)

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