7 clever ways to use leftover sandwich crusts

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Leftover bread crust recipes

Urban legend has it that consumption of crusts will make one’s tresses curlier than a piglet’s tail. Sadly many munchkins still demand that sandwiches be a crust-free zone. So it’s got us asking, are crusts really that bad? In an attempt to save those sandwich leftovers from heading to the bin, we’ve rounded up our top seven bread crust recipes guaranteed to get the kids crazy for crusts!

Cheesy chips

Parmesan Thyme Bread Crust Treats

Oh. My. Days. These Parmesan thyme bread crust snacks look more like chips than crusts, and will certainly get the kids chomping! Sprinkle leftover crusts with Parmesan, dried thyme, salt and pepper, then wait (patiently) for them to crisp. Serve while warm for the ultimate savoury snack. (via Recipe Tin Eats)

French toast fingers

Cinnamon fench toast tasty fingers

There won’t be a single crumb left when these cinnamon French toast sticks are for breakfast! Dunked in a delicious mix of egg, milk and vanilla before been cooked to a golden crisp, your leftover crusts are saved and served. (via 7aum Suvai)

Crazy for croutons


Add crunch to the tea time salad with these tasty crispy croutons. Simply chop the crusts into bite-sized chunks and drizzle with oil, dried herbs and garlic. Shake to give them a real good coating before popping into the oven. These babies can be kept in an airtight container and added to dishes throughout the week! (via The Vegetarian Ginger)

Life of pie

Sweet pie crust made from bread crusts

Yep, we’re drooling too. Pimp your pies with this awesome cinnamon crust crumb. Drizzle a mixture of butter, cinnamon and sugar over crusts before baking in the oven and allowing to cool. Once the boring bit is out of the way, blitz the crusts to a fine crumb and voila! You’re left with a brilliant ‘biscuit-like’ base to cover in whatever tastiness takes your fancy. (via Parsley, Sage and Sweet)

Cinnamon crunch

Cinnamon Crusts

Holy moly! We could devour these cinnamon sugar bread crusts right this second. Tossed in cinnamon, butter and sugar these heavenly bites taste more like cinnamon doughnuts rather than leftover sandwich slices. If the kids won’t eat them we may just have to do it for them… (via Recipe Tin Eats)

Garlic goodness

Crispy garlic and herb crisps using bread crusts

Store bought garlic bread just got ditched. We love these herb garlic crisps as a homemade take on the super tasty snack. Each side of the crusts are brushed with garlic-herb oil, seasoned and baked for 20 minutes. When extra crunchy, these crisps will be the perfect partners to your pre-dinner dips. (via Bijouxs)

Tempting tiramisu

Tasty tiramisu made from left over bread

Creamy, chocolatey, dessert deliciousness – Tiramisu is pretty much heaven in a dish. Rather than use the traditional method of ladyfinger biscuits, A box of Kitchen used toasted slices of bread for this bowl of yum. Try with leftover baked crusts, and hey, if it all goes wrong we know a few people who would gladly eat it. (via A Box of Kitchen)


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