17 Bath Essentials For Time In The Tub

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Essentials for bathing baby

Bath time is the perfect time to relax and bond with your squidling after a busy day. It also helps to wash the mashed avocado out of their hair and nose. From cleverly designed guards to protect pint-sized fingers to a hilarious take on the humble soap dispenser, we have everything covered to make sure bath times will always be fun times with these 17 essentials.

Toy storage

A hand holding the Benbat Scoop & Store Bath Toy Organiser filled with toys

First there’s the seemingly endless amount of bath toys… and then there’s cleaning them all up! But with this Scoop & Store Organiser ($29.96) picking up every tugboat, rubber ducky and squishy fishy becomes a dream. It’s mesh net allows for toys to drip dry and it has a special wall hook to easily hang on the bath wall.

Knee protection

A woman bathing a baby while kneeling on a knee pad

Keep your knees in shape when your bee’s knees is in the bath with a Kneeling Pad ($39.62). Soft and squishy enough to be comfortable and backed with a non-slip backing to keep it in place. It’s waterproof and comes in a stylish design to fit your bathroom aesthetic.

Spout cover

A silicone whale tap cover with water coming out of its mouth onto child's hands

When the hot water spout is covered you and your squiddling can have a whale of a time. This adorable Whale bath spout cover ($13.17) protects curious hands and agile heads from hot metal so you can spend more time with your baby whale blowing bubbles, spraying water and playing in the octopus’ garden.

Bath crayons

A child using Honeysticks Bath Crayons in the bath

Every budding artist needs a wall to scribble on and every child in the world would need a bath at some point, so when the two come together it’s as beautiful and fresh as a rainbow. These bath crayons ($22.95) come in bright colours, are non-toxic and would make even the most hardened street artist smile.

‘S not funny soap dispenser

Have fun in the tub with this hilarious nose liquid soap dispenser

There’s nothing like the super gross to have your mini dirt bunnies in stitches. Have them wanting to wash their hair and bodies with a hilarious nose liquid soap dispenser. One push will have the nose drip convincingly into their hand – listen to the squeals!

Waterproof radio and MP3 player

A waterproof speaker stuck to the bathroom wall

End a busy day with calming music with this bluetooth waterproof speaker ($26.99). You can stick it to the wall near the bath and connect it to your phone as your little splasher floats around to their favourite wind down music.

Bath pad

Bath your baby in the sink with the Blooming Bath Pad

Have a blooming good time by converting your sink to a bath with these bath mats ($54). They’re plush and soft so your littlie can sit comfortably in the petals, and can be hung dry or placed in the washer and dryer for space saving versatility. Cute baby not included.

Water and shampoo guard

A child wearing a shampoo guard having their hair washed

You often end up becoming a very good contortionist when trying to stop water or shampoo from going into your kiddy’s eyes. Instead of running away to join the circus, a shampoo guard like this baby shower hat ($11.38) that’s shaped like a crown, will keep your little royal happy, clean and calm.

Apron baby towel

A mum holding her baby in a hooded apron towel from Towelling Stories

Nanna always had something special in her apron pocket and so will you with these apron hooded towels ($84.95). Just like an apron but with more hugs and a human treasure in the pocket, they’re perfect for keeping you and your wriggle pot dry, warm and cosy.

Newborn bath support

Make bathing babies easy with the bath support from Angelcare

Cradle those precious backs and necks in the bath with a newborn bath support ($59.99). With your hands free, you can grab that wash cloth or open that shampoo – or wipe your face when your water baby practices their backstroke!

Toddler bath seat

The new Dream Baby Deluxe Bath Seat makes it much easier to bath your Baby

When they sit up, you take notice! Moving to a toddler seat is effortless when you have one like a Dreambaby chair ($44.95). The front opens for easy access and the suction cups keep the seat and bub in place. Now, if only every milestone we had ended in bubbles in bath!

Bath stopper

Bathtub Drain Cover with a beach design on the front
Keep the water in the bath and drain plug covered with a friendly bath tub stopper ($28.40). Inquisitive fingers and toes will find the colour picture sitting over the drain plug, stuck in place with suction in an air-tight seal. Encourage confidence around the drain and bring smiles aplenty!


Dream Baby Crocodile Bath Thermometer

A bath thermometer makes sure conditions are perfect for your little bubble surfer each and every time. This crocodile thermometer ($20.95) tells you when the water is too hot and paddles around in the bath with you!

Shampoo and conditioner

Three bottles of the Gro-To Detangling product

Children really do have a monopoly on beautiful kissable hair. Keep those gorgeous locks tangle-free and smelling fresh, and spend more time giggling at bath time with a super speedy detangling shampoo that conditions while it cleanses. The yummy Two-in-Fun from Gro-To ($15) is foamy and tear-free.

Bubble bath

A rainbow made out of LUSH's bubble bath playdough

These FUN bubble bath soaps ($21) come in seven colours, each with a mix of cheery lime and grapefruit oils for a burst as well as vanilla and chamomile for sweet calm. And just like play dough, can be mashed into something unique.

Bath treads

Outer space themed non-slip bathtub stickies from Jellystone Designs

Slipping and sliding is fun in the backyard in summer, but in the bath when there isn’t any grass to brake the fall, grips on the bottom of the tub do the trick. These bath stickies (coming soon) are textured, easy to install and will keep slippery bodies where they need to be when diving for stars in the bath – watch out Pluto!

Baby Dam

The Baby Dam bathwater barrier turns your family-sized bath into a baby bath

Build your own dam and keep your little busy beaver playing in the bath with this nifty baby dam ($69.95). Faster than building your own with sticks and mud, and much more economical than a bathroom refit, the Baby Dam is designed to grow with your child and save water and time.

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