Eddie is perfect on Play School

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Eddie Perfect

Play School has a wonderful tradition of embracing presenters parents know and love before they got busy with play dough and glitter. The latest host to rub shoulders with Big Ted and Humpty is the multi-talented Eddie Perfect who plays Mick Holland in the romantic comedy TV show, Offspring, and is the creator of the hilarious stage show, Shane Warne: The Musical.

Eddie follows in the footsteps of a hallowed line of presenters, from John Waters to Alex Papps and Jay La’gaia who had set hearts a flutter on screen as dreamy gents, and now has both mums and squidlings race to the screen to watch him fly like a bird with an adorable rainbow cape.

Although his work in musical theatre has helped him to sing and dance in front of the camera, Eddie credits his two young daughters for the groundwork. “Being an idiot in front of my own kids has been exceptional training for this gig,” he told The Guardian.

You can watch Eddie on Play School on ABC KIDS and iView.



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