Take off! 7 paper aeroplane designs for flying fun

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Little girl flying a paper plane

Did you get the memo? 26 May is National Paper Aeroplane Day – a day totally dedicated to celebrating the awesomeness that is paper aeroplanes. To send you off into a flip and a tailspin, here are our favourite homemade paper aeroplanes.

Time for take off!

1. Fancy flier

Paper Plane via All for the Boys

Coming into land! If you want your flier to go far and fast then look no further! This paper plane has the wings and back tail made for speed and is a guaranteed race winner! (via All For The Boys)

2. Simple with straws

Straw and Paper Airplanes from DIY Network

Straw and paper you say? Really! These slick little sky slicers can be made in minutes and are sure to fly every time. Don’t believe us? Time to get making! (via DIY Network)

3. Happy Helicopters

Paper Helicopters via Babble Dabble Do

If you’re up for a challenge, take a look at these DIY paper helicopters. There’s more folding involved than with your average paper plane, but we think it’s worth the time. Throw from high in the sky and watch your homemade helicopter spin to the ground. The bigger the better with this one! (via Babble Dabble Do)

4. Love letters

Valentines Paper Plane via Makes and Takes

Love is in the air! Well…it soon will be with these super cute airplane hearts. It may not be Valentines, but here at MGV we’re all about spreading the love! Add a sweet note or message for your little one to open when their plane comes into land. (via Make and Takes)

5. Loo roll lift off

Toilet Roll Plane Crafts via Molly Moo

With a cockpit, wings, tail and wheels this toilet roll aeroplane definitely gets our vote for a snippet of afternoon fun! Cut the main compartments for your mini Maverick to assemble then let them add splashes of colour to personalise their very own plane. (via Molly Moo Crafts)

6. Catapult creation

Catapult paper airplane via Minieco

Send sticks or pencils into the sky with this rad catapult paper airplane. Simply make your paper aeroplane, punch a hole in the bottom and thread through an elastic band. Easy! Maybe make sure you’re out of the firing line when this baby goes up in the air. (via Minieco)

7. Wonderful wings

Paper Plane via Hello Wonderful

Take your paper planes to the next level with this adorable free template and fly your family flag mid air. We suggest making a bit batch…planes like these are to cute to destroy in the back garden! (via Hello Wonderful)

Looking for more fantastic flying ideas? Take your pick from this lot over at Fun Paper Airplanes

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