16 clever ways to fit three kids in one bedroom

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Hanging beds

Space might be a little hard to come by if you have three kids – especially if you only have one bedroom to house them all in! It can work though, it just takes some resourceful thinking to get three kids comfortably in one room. We’ve found 16 super cool shared bedrooms that use space in a clever way – your trio are sure to have a ball sharing late night whispers in these rooms.

Curtain call

Bunks & curtains

This bright and colourful bedroom uses custom made bunk beds to accommodate three girls. Curtains outside each bunk provide much-needed privacy and a three-column wardrobe means the girls will only have to share clothes if they want to. (via: HGTV)

Triple Threat

Triple bunks

There’s no need for a ‘KEEP OUT’ sign here as this three storey bunk bed has three individual areas, affording each bed owner an element of privacy that is hard to come by in a shared room. (via: SGONE)

 Corner advantage


This clever configuration makes the most of the space with storage built into the design. The pull out drawers underneath the beds are super handy and the three kids have their own, defined spaces and good floor space thanks to the corner positioning. (via: Duitang)



This family has made use of the perimeter of the room by placing their three beds in a u-shaped formation. There is plenty of storage and the drawers at the foot of the two end beds double up as a great little tables, perfect for showing off an awesome pet rock collection. (via Tregobag)

Side access


We love how the side access here gives the top bunk a little more privacy. This would work really well for an older child who wants to define their space from younger siblings. The built-in bookshelves are perfect for book lovers and the wardrobe uses space that would otherwise be wasted to provide ample storage. (via Fratelli Cortinovis)

Minimalist style

Whit minimalist shared bedroom

This room works because it eliminates distractions to make the room appear larger. Lowering the bottom beds to the floor minimises lines, while the stairs acting as a barrier from falling = genius! (via: Habitissimo)

Three of a kind


It might look they’ve packed a lot into this room, but the identical beds and light fixtures lends this room a sense of uniformity and order. The boxes at the foot of each bed are great for storing toys that seem to multiply overnight. (via: Holly Mathis Interiors)

 Trundle trio

Triple trundle

Lots of love for this space-saving triple trundle idea. The clever design folds away to give kids the floorspace they need to have fun. The choice of bold orange cabinetry would work well for a variety of age groups, while the extra storage on the side is a perfect for shared rooms. (via: My Italian Living)

Boy meets girls

Mixed genders one room

A trio of boy/girl kidlets? Do like this family has done: they’ve given the boy the top bunk and the girls share side by side beds on the bottom level. The room is bright, but remaims gender-neutral and the dotted wall gives the space a point of difference. (via: HGTV)

Room for more


The space above these two beds could easily be converted to a third bed space – very handy if you have regular sleepover guests or a third child.  (via: HGTV)

High Flying

Hanging beds

This room is something else! Three beds, suspended in style and secured into the wall with bolts drilled through the frame of the bed and into each of the wall studs. The ropes hang from big eye hooks that are also drilled into the wall and each bed frame. The monochrome bedding is accented by a burst of yellow for a fresh modern feel. PS. Don’t worry, they do use bed rails. (via: The Bumper Crop)


Shared bedroom with windows

This room makes the most of its awkward shape, doesn’t it? The little windows between the partitions mean late night whispers can still be shared. (via: Red Online)

Slide on out


This roll out bundle bed trio is perfect for three kidlets in one room or kids and their sleepover buddies. It also shows how you can commit to a theme, even with three kids sharing a room. (via Macral Design)

Triple the fun

Good idea from Pottery Barn for three kids in a bedroom

A room fit for three princesses. The beds are built hard against the wall, with stunning timber arches and partitions separating each space. Curtains can be used to cleverly create individual spaces within the one room. (via: Pottery Barn Kids)

Cornering the market

Corner bunks

This bold room for three makes the most of the floor space by placing the bunks in a corner configuration. The little play area under the lone top bunk is super sweet. (via: Red Online)

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