Let’s roll: 10 homemade fruit roll-ups

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10 fruit roll-ups to warp your mouth around

Fruit strips, roll-ups, fruit leather – whatever you want to call it, kids can’t get enough of the sticky, fruity morsels (and they’re not the only ones). Fruit roll-ups are the perfect snack to squeeze into the lunchbox! And because we know there’s not a tot in the land who doesn’t love a good ol’ fruit roll-up, we’ve put together a roll-up round-up for you to make at home.

Purple power

Blueberry chia fruit roll-ups

Mix blueberries with protein packed chia seeds for a purple roll-up so full of antioxidants it’s hard to turn down. And they won’t. (via Homemade Hearts)

Sneaky green

Apple and spinach fruit roll-ups are a perfect snack for the little ones

There’s nothing wrong with sneaking a few leafy greens into the tyke’s tucker (we all fall guilty on that one). Here’s a sure-fire way to give them their greens without them even batting an eye – Say hello to spinach as you’ve never seen it before. (via Oh My Veggies)


Summer recipe for strawberry and raspberry roll-ups

Did somebody say berries? Yum! Grab a slice of summer with these strawberry and raspberry roll-ups with fresh basil and a spritz of lemon. Kids big and small will roll in for this flavour kick. (via  Willow Bird Baking)

Pink lemonade

A tasty summer snack! Strawberry and lemonade fruit roll-ups

Imagine their favourite party drink in a fruit roll-up. These strawberry lemonade strips are full of fizzy fruit flavours so good you’ll want one too. (via My Whole Food Romance)

Fruit tropicana

Delicious healhty treats for you and the little one. Try these mixed fruit roll-ups!

Can’t decide which fruit combo to make for your mini-me? It’s easy…try these. There’s gorgeous green: kiwi, mango and mint leaves, beautiful blue: blueberries and grape juice, or ridiculously tasty red: strawberries and banana. One of each please! (via Green Kitchen Stories)


Peach Fruit Roll up

To prove that homemade roll-ups are better than the store bought, take a look at this peachy fruit leather. Simply blitz chopped peaches and agave together and bake. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

Wake-up roll-up

Strawberry & Banana Fruit Roll-up Recipe

The munchkins will go ape at lunchtime with this scrummy strawberry and banana strip. Roll up with parchment paper, tie with twine and they’re ready go. (via That’s So Michelle)

Perfect plums

Homemade Plum Fruit Roll-Up Recipe

Oh plums. If the fruit tree drops far too many fruits for you to handle then making these roll-ups is one way to ease the load. Simply bake plums until soft, blitz in a blender, add a sweetener of choice and bake one last time. Heaven. (via Natasha’s Kitchen)

Awesome apricots

Super tasty recipe for homemade apricot fruit roll-ups

Are apricots a favourite fruit in your house? If so, the fam will love chomping on a homemade batch of this beauty. Gather stone fruits, chop, sweeten with agave and a drizzle of lemon before pureeing. It really is that easy! (via In the Little Red House)

Fruit cocktail

Refreshing recipe for blackberry, mint & lime fruit roll-ups

Be warned – Once you’ve tried this blackberry, mint and lime fruit leather you’ll be making it every week. Rich in fruit flavours with the freshness of mint and the zest of lime everyone’s taste buds will be popping. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

Cinnamon sensation

Ultimate recipe for apple, pear & cinnamon fruit roll-ups

Not a lot can beat the classic flavour combination of apples and pears with cinnamon. So rather then trying to take it up a notch, take it a step to the left and make these awesome autumnal fruit-roll-ups. (via Bake Eat Repeat)

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10 homemade fruit roll up recipes


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