Meet Giggle Fangs and Giggle Bug

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NANANANANANANANA…’s not Batman….it’s Giggle Fangs!

If you live with some Giggle and Hoot fans it’s time to get excited because they have a new friend. Joining Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle for some hoot-a-licious fun is Giggle Fangs and his best buddy Giggle Bug.

Giggle Fangs lives in his dark Batty Lair and loves to take bat-naps upside down. He is also very similar to a Mum because he has supersonic hearing and is often woken up by the noisy Giggle gang (we hear you!).

As part of Steps to Bed, Giggle Fang makes his batty lair nice and quiet – perfect to help get little Giggle fans ready for bed.

gigglefangs cribnews

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