No Rules: Top 10 open-ended toys

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Toys to Make Little Brains Tick | Mum's Grapevine

Time to explore the never-ending possibilities of play! Big or small, open-ended toys come with no instructions and encourage hours of ‘free play’ for youngsters as they re-invent and discover new ways of using the toys. They’re simple, timeless and fun for all ages. And the rules are… well there are no rules.

We’ve put together our favourite open-ended toys to get your bambino problem-solving all day long.

Round stackers

openended - toddles

Tobbles Neo ($36.84): They look like balls but act like blocks. Tobbles Neo can be stacked in a straight line or on a bend – pretty much whatever your imagination wants them to do.

Sticky play

openended toy - squigz

Squigz ($69.98): Stick them here, stick them there…stick them everywhere! Simply give a Squigzs a squeeze and they stick to any non-porous surface. And best of all, they won’t leave a mark!

No rules rule

openended toys - bilbo game box

Bilibo Mini Game Box ($39.95): There’s no instructions in this box, just hours of fun with the 36 coloured chips and six mini Bilibos. Match colors, play tiddlywinks, stack and balance, flick and aim, throw and catch, sort, count and learn, roll the dice and invent your own games!

Creating a rainbow

open ended - rainbow blocks

Grimm’s Four Element Building Set ($265): Taking blocks to another level the Grimm’s building set is as beautiful as it is creative. It will give endless hours of creating shapes and patterns while also trying to make them all balance on top of each other.

Rolly polly

Toys to Make Little Brains Tick: Bilibo | Mum's Grapevineopenended toys - bilibo

Bilibo ($44.95): When you first look at the Bilibo it’s hard to imagine what the kiddies will do with it. But kids don’t see toys this way. It is bright and encourages their curiosity. They can sit, stand, balance, spin, hide and use it inside or out.

Clean and magical sand

openended toys - kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand ($19.95): Sand is a simple way to introduce creative play and problem solving to your children.

Plus Plus Fun

Best open-ended toys: Plus Plus | Mum's Grapevine

Plus Plus (from $19.95): All the kids need for Plus Plus is their imagination. They are mini interconnecting puzzle pieces that can be made into flat or three dimensional objects and very easy to pull apart to use again and again.

Round and round we go

openended toys - nello

Nello ($17.95): Nello is happy inside going from marble run to puzzle with ease. Take Nello on an adventure to make sand castles at the beach or for a swim in the pool. Nello can be pretty much anything your child wants it to be. Maybe a hat for the fashion conscious or a frisbee for the sports nut. Perfect for any kid of any age.

Ball art

openended - playaball

Playable Rainbow Art Ball ($55): Made with 20 interconnecting balls, the Playable Rainbow Art Ball will entertain children and adults alike. Able to be moulded into endless shapes your child will be able to use their imagination to make the colourful balls into whatever they choose.

Introducing Mox the ball

Toys with endless fun and games

Mox ($9.94): Let us introduce you to Mox. He’s a little blue ball that can eat, roll, laugh, sing, be thrown and even juggled. Unlike other balls, little players can balance two Mox’s on top of each other. It’s a super toy for building hand strength and developing those fine motor skills.

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