10 sugar-free and naturally sweet party foods

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Sugar free chocolate crackle

Looking for fun and healthy party food for your kiddiewink’s big day? Look right this way! We’ve found a tasty handful of their favourite party foods that are free of refined sugar to keep them (and you) happy. Pass the parcel, let the pinatas pop and dig right into our run-down of delicious party food!

Chocolate Cupcakes

Sugar-free chocolate cupcake recipe. So delicious and the scrummy icing is too!

Holy cupcake! These chocolaty creations will steal the show when it comes to your poppet’s party table. Using a natural sweetener these cupcakes deserve a spot at everybody’s party. And that fabulously creamy frosting?… Don’t even go there. (via Checks and Spots)

Fruit roll ups

Refined sugar-free fruit roll up recipe via Green Kitchen Stories. Great for kids parties and the school lunchbox.

Fruit roll ups are notorious for being loaded with sugar, but not these babies! Pureed fruit (and nothing else) is baked, left to cool, cut and rolled. Take a look at our Top Ten Homemade Roll Ups for inspiration. (Image via Green Kitchen Stories)

Honey joys

Sugar-free honey joy recipe

Oh yes! Our list of party foods wouldn’t be complete without this crunchy celebration favourite! The honey joy is an absolute classic and these flakes of deliciousness are pretty much perfect. (via Sugar Free Kids)

Sausage Rolls

Scrummy recipe for Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls via I Quit Sugar - Great for parties and family gatherings.

We all know it’s not a kids party without these fellas showing face. Use this no-nonsense recipe packed full of flavour and your hungry little humans will request pork and fennel sausage rolls at every celebration. (via I Quit Sugar)

Tomato Sauce

Sugar-free ketchup recipe. A delicious recipe that taste just as good as the real thing without the spoonfuls of sugar!

Need some sauce for those sausage rolls? Time to get dipping! It’s a well-known kiddie fact that sausage rolls don’t taste the same unless they’re dunked into a delightful pot of tomato sauce. And who are we to argue? Avoid sugar loaded store bought stuff and make your own at home. (via Low Carb So Simple)

Chicken Nuggets

Coat chicken with coconut for super crunchy, tasty chicken nuggets!

Prepare to look at chicken nuggets in a whole new light – These bite-sized pieces of golden YUM are coated in almond meal and shredded coconut to create that crispy coating we all love, only this one is good for you! We’re loving it! (via Stir It Up)

Milk Drink

Sugar-free chocolate milk for kids parties.

Icy cold and perfect for quenching their post-dancing thirst, it’s no wonder flavoured milks are a favourite when the little ones party. To ensure the kiddies get the most from every sip, add Fangks milk mix to the white stuff to give it a delicious chocolaty flavour. The sugar-free mix is packed full of vitamins and minerals to boot! (Image via The Foodinista)

Popcorn…on a string

Popcorn on a string. A simple party food the kids will love!

Popcorn strings are the new kids on the block! Thread popped kernels onto a piece of string and give each munchkin a party treat they’ll talk about all week long. Use this nifty how-to guide along with this recipe for natural popcorn and you’ve got a winning combination!


Sugar-free Lamington Recipe - great for kids parties and afternoon tea

It’s official, the nations favourite treat is here…and it’s sugar-free! Choc-dipped and ready for action these coconut-covered lamingtons will have the kids (and you) feeling right at home with every single mouthful. (via I Quit Sugar)

Chocolate Crackle

Sugar-free chocolate crackle recipe. The kids will love these - great for afternoon treats and kids parties

They may look chocolate covered, but it’s a trick of the eye. Carob powder and coconut oil combine to make a super shiny coating for each and every millet puff in these healthy ‘chocolate’ crackles. Pop into colourful cake cases and watch the kids scurry quicker than you can say snap, crackle, POP! (via Bright Eyes)

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