10 games you can play with a bed sheet

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Fort made with bed sheet games

The humble bed sheet can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Bring out those florals, flannels and plain whites to have some rocking good times indoors and out with bed sheet games! (image via Me Ra Koh)

1. Fort

This is the bed sheet game at its versatile best! You can build a cosy nook just for one with cushions, toys and books or a canopy for the whole family including the dog by tying, hanging or pegging the sheet to furniture or trees. You could also ramp up the options with a Pl-ug kit to let your fort mistress or den master take control of where and how they set up their tent. Parents enter at your own risk!

2. Sheet ride

Dashing through the hall in a one parent open sleigh, your elf will love being dragged around for a sheet ride down the fast lane. As they hold on tight, don’t forget to drop off a few presents along the way in time for Christmas, please!

3. Balloon popcorn

If you have another two or three sets of hands wanting to play, a game of balloon popcorn is bound to bring on the giggles. Place blown up balloons or light bouncing balls, like these from Kmart, in the middle of the sheet and raise it to bounce them up as high as possible without letting the balloons fall out. Work together to get some air up there!

4. Stage curtain

Make like a stage hand and tie a cord between two supports high enough for your actress or actor and hang or peg the bed sheet over the cord. If you don’t have hooks on your walls indoors, you can secure the bed sheet to a door frame with removable ones from 3M Command. Viola, let the show begin!

5. Shadow puppets

If you’ve already got the stage curtain up, grab a lamp and create shadow puppets with your hands. This one from Instructables gives the basics and you can also add these awesome Noga Ravin hand puppets for more animal story-telling fun.

6. Swinging hammock

If you have another adult to help you, you can recreate lazy summer afternoons or an amusement ride for your little monkey. Gather and grab opposite ends of the sheet and swing high or low, depending where you get the most chuckles and squeals!

7. Target practice

Place the sheet on the floor and toss mini beanbags, like these cute monsters from FeltForceFive, or small stuffed toys onto the sheet, aiming for the centre. You can place a bucket or bowl in the centre or fold the sheet into a smaller size to make it more challenging for your little thrower.

8. Tug of war

No mud here! To make a tugging rope, twist the sheet into a cord, tie a ribbon in the middle and place a marker like a beanbag or cushion on the floor. The first one to pull the ribbon to their side of the marker gets a smushy cuddle!

9. Hide and seek

Crawling bubbies often end up hiding before we know we’re meant to find them, but you’ll be on your toes with a game of hide and seek using your bed sheet. Wriggle under the sheet and pretend to search for your little treasure or you can float the sheet above their heads and be surprised every time you see their sunny face – that’s if you can stop yourself from cuddling them for being so adorable!

10. Giant canvas

When the apples of your eye are itching to get messy and it’s warm outside, hang your sheet on the washing line or against a wall or fence and let the kids run amok with washable paints, food colouring and markers. Sponges soaked in food colouring make a great splat and so do spray bottles filled with watered down paint. Watch your mini Picasso fly!

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