Box office hit! Family recreates famous movie scenes

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Family uses cardboard boxes to recreate famous movie scenes

After you move house and have loads of cardboard boxes lying around what do you do with them? Are you boring and throw them straight into recycling?

Not the Mackie family – they turn them into movie sets. The family moved to a new country and found themselves surrounded by a bunch of boxes and a heap of time on their hands with a young child. So they started to re-create movies using the stuff they found around their home. That’s some serious time they have!

From Happy Days and Breaking Bad to Back to the Future and Batman, we’ve picked some of our favourites scenes for you, but you can see them all at Cardboard Box Office.

Nappy Days
TV Series: Happy Days

cribnews - re-create movies


TV Series: M*A*S*H

Family recreate famous scenes with cardboard boxes


Film: Labyrinth

Cardboard Box Office re-create Labyrinth with their baby and cardboard boxes


The Duct-Taped Crusaders
TV Series: Batman

cribnews - boxoffice


Film: E.T.

Cardboard Box Office re-create famous ET movie scene


Back to the Cute-ture Part II
Film: Back to the Future II

crib news - box office2


Kid Kong
Film: King Kong

Cardboard Box Office re-create King Kong with the help of their baby


Breaking Dad
TV Series: Breaking Bad

cribnews - boxoffice3


Top Fun
Film: Top Gun

Cardboard Box Office re-create famous scene from Top Gun

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