Cozigo – your perfect travelling companion

Fly Babee bassinet cover

The prospect of taking a baby on a long-haul flight (or, let’s face it, even a short flight) can strike fear into the heart of any parent. There is no way to prevent the poo-splosion that occurs just as the seatbelt sign comes on, or that tooth that decides to cut through on the day of your flight, but there are some things we can do to make the flight as smooth as possible. And that’s where Cozigo comes in.

The Cozigo Sleep Easy cover is one mum’s ingenious idea to help make it as easy as possible for your little traveller to sleep amidst the hustle and bustle of the airplane cabin. Designed to fit over most inflight bassinets, the Cozigo is a black-out canopy that blocks out over 90% of surrounding light to create a peaceful little cocoon for a sleepy bub that is still 100% breathable.

Fly Babee Airline cot cover

The cover is designed to be super practical and simply clips over the bassinet. It also features silent magnetic openings which allow you to take a peek at bub and big openings which make for easy placement of baby in the bassinet. Plus, there is a pocket for holding your smart phone – perfect for playing white noise or soft music to really send baby off to dreamland. And it all packs away into a pouch which can be easily stowed in your hand luggage. When not in use, the pouch can be used as extra storage to keep your in-flight essentials within reach – genius!

When you’re not off jet-setting, the Cozigo also does double-duty as a canopy for your pram. It is absolutely perfect for creating a dark and peaceful sleep environment when you’re out and about and nap time strikes.

The Fly Babee is a great solution for a peaceful way to fly with your baby

Cozigo may just be the perfect travelling companion, or at least second only to the sweet sleeping babe nestled peacefully beneath it.

The Cozigo is available from ($99.95).