You paid how much for a Bonds zippy?!

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It is time to rummage through your baby’s drawers, there could be hundreds of dollars worth of Bonds gear in there! And no, we don’t mean that ALL of your baby’s Bonds gear might add up to a few hundred dollars. We’re talking about a single Wondersuit!BondsZippySuits_1Bonds’ famous zip Wondersuits are just a run-of-the-mill item for most mums and bubs, coming in at $21.95 a piece. But some suits out there – so-called “unicorns” – are selling on secondary markets like eBay for over $100, especially if they are unworn and feature one of Bonds limited edition designs. One suit with a confetti design from Christmas 2014 listed just last week on eBay for $149!



So the next time you buy a Bonds Wondersuit, you might think twice about whether you pop it on bub or pop it away in the drawer. You never know how much it might be worth!

(Source Sydney Morning Herald)

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