Cradle Cap Treatment: 8 Tips To Conquer It Once And For All

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8 tips for effective cradle cap treatment | Mum's Grapevine

Cradle cap is kind of a cute name for what actually looks like a serious case of baby dandruff.

It’s very common in young babies as the natural oils on your bub’s head build up as a yellow scaly crust that eventually flakes off. If your little one has a big mop on top, you might hardly notice it. But if you have a little baldy badger, it may well be all you can see!

Although it shouldn’t cause your little one any discomfort, it can linger for weeks or even months so you might want to give Mother Nature a little hand to help it on its way.

Because we know that mums know best, we asked the amazing Mum’s Grapevine community how you tackled your bub’s scaly scalp and here are your top eight tips on effective cradle cap treatment.

1. Oil change

 For bad cradle cap, try combing coconut oil through your bub’s head with a soft brush before washing

Baby oil used to be the treatment du jour for cradle cap but, with so many natural oils now available, all you need to do is raid your pantry. Coconut oil and olive oil seem to be the big favourites. Gently rub some oil into your bub’s scalp, leave for a few minutes, then shampoo out.

For really bad cradle cap, you could try combing through or gently scrubbing your baby’s head with a soft brush before washing, or leave the oil in overnight.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Mother applying GAIA Cradle Cap Lotion to her baby's scalp

Lotions and moisturisers can help return the skin on your bub’s head to a healthy condition, and one of the most recommended products by Grapeviner Mums is the GAIA Natural Baby Cradle Cap Lotion ($14.99) specifically designed for cradle cap. With it’s clever built-in application brush tip made from super soft silicone bristles it’s a convenient and hygienic way to apply and massage baby’s scalp.

3. Soda solution

Bicarb of soda is a great way to treat cradle cap

Is there anything bicarbonate soda doesn’t do? Simply make a paste with some water, rub it into your munchkin’s scalp with a soft brush and wash it out once it has dried.

4. Oats aren’t just for breakfast

Run your bub a soothing oatmeal bath then squeeze out the oatmeal stocking over your tot’s head to try and ease cradle cap

Run your bub a soothing oatmeal bath then squeeze out the oatmeal stocking over your tot’s head. Rub the milk into their scalp, giving them a nice massage as you go.

5. Flour’s in your hair

Mix cornflour with some water to form a paste to put on cradle cap

Next time you’re making gravy, leave the cornflour out. Just like bi-carb, mix it with some water to make a thin paste, put it on the cradle cap, let it dry and wash it out.

6. Go soap-free

Babies only need to be washed in water so avoid drying soaps that can make cradle cap worse

Babies only need to be washed in water so avoid drying soaps that can make cradle cap worse. If your bubba likes bubbles, go for a natural soap-free wash made especially for babies.

7. Wait it out

Eventually your little one will grow out of cradle cap so be patient

At the end of the day, if the cradle cap doesn’t bother you or your bub, let it be and time will take its course. Just keep washing and brushing your little one’s hair as usual and it will eventually flake off.

8. Don’t pick!

We know it can be tempting to pick off the flakes but you could be introducing infections. So don’t pick.

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