6 emotional videos that will give you a good happy cry

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Happy cry videos

We’ve all been there. The days when everything your kiddo does pushes your buttons and drives you to tears. But for all those times they have you tearing your hair out, there’s just as many when they touch your heart. Kids have a knack for getting you in touch with your soft side, even if you didn’t know you had one! So let’s embrace what every mum knows is the perfect antidote to a crappy day—a good happy cry.

We’ve found these videos of some pretty special kids that will hit you right in the heart and have you reaching for the tissues.

School kids sing to teacher fighting cancer

Sometimes the thought of sitting through a school choir recital is enough to make you cry! But these American school kids will have you tearing up for all the right reasons. They’ve dedicated their last time singing together for the school year to one of their teacher’s battling breast cancer—and she’s in the audience watching on.

Sports kid of the year

Some professional sports stars could learn a thing or two from this sporty little guy. When he started racing triathlons he decided to pick his little brother as his teammate, despite the fact that his brother has cerebral palsy and has difficulty speaking and even walking. It’s a touching story of true brotherly love.

Premmie baby’s first year of life

A premmie baby is a frightening thing for any new mum, but imagine your bub arriving 3-and-a-half months early. This amazing video follows one brave little boy’s first year of life. Spoiler alert, it has a happy ending.

A little boy with big business dreams

Nine-year-old Caine had a passion for arcade games. So he made his own from cardboard boxes and old toys and set up business in the front of his dad’s auto parts shop. One little boy’s dream touched his community’s heart and has inspired a global movement to foster creativity in kids.

Sick kids Shake it Off

We all heart Taylor Swift, but not as much as we heart this video by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Their staff, volunteers and patients (yep, that means some pretty amazing sick kiddos) star in their own version of Shake it Off to celebrate Child Life Month.

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