12 construction cakes they’ll really dig

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12 Construction Cakes your kids will really dig

Load up your digger and get ready to dump a whole lot of deliciousness on your rascals next birthday! Know a kid who can’t walk past a crane, construction site or garbage truck without stopping to have a sticky beak? We’ve got their birthday covered.

Here are 12 construction cakes they’ll beg you to bake.

Drop a load

A construction cake dumping chocolate - we want one!

If only dump trucks really could come to your home and dump chocolate bars – life would be good. (via Birthday Express)

Easy Excavation

Cover their birthday cake in Milo to create the 'dirt'. Easy!

Just take a random chunk out of your cake and cover in milo, perfect for if your cake isn’t perfect. (via Phoodie)

Carve out a number

Digger birthday cake

Carving out the birthday boy or girls age using a digger and decorate with crushed up chocolate pieces. (via Pinterest)

Honeycomb heights

Chocolate cake and honeycomb decorations. YUM!

Three layers of chocolate cake, chocolaty buttercream icing and a dump truck full of honeycomb sure sounds like a birthday treat to us! (via House of Lane)

Construction juntion

Three-tiered construction birthday cake

It’s construction junction! This birthday bake is bound to make their little digger-loving eyes light up. (via But a Dream Custom Cakes)

Delicious hazard

Decorate the outside and inside of your cake like this Hazard celebration bake!

If you’re going to go to all that effort deocrating the cake, then why not make the inside just as spectacular? (via Made from Scratch)

Dig deep

Construction birthday cake

Sometimes you have to dig deep to get to the good stuff and cake is no exception. (via Pinterest)

It’s the magic number

Construction chaos birthday cake

Three may be the magic number but this construction cake will have muchkins mesmerised. (via Pinterest)

Have a break

KitKat digger cake - so easy!

Have a break. Have a KitKat. In fact, have about one hundred of them! (via Pinterest)

Tarmac two

Tarmac and digger cake for their birthday

Turn their birthday age into a road. Now that’s impressive! (via My Three Things)

Down we go

Diggers, trucks and chocolate. What more would a little boy want on his birthday?

There’s nothing like toy trucks and chocolate treats to get the kids come running. If only diggers did this in real life… (via Pinterest)

Construction chaos

Huge digger cake for a brilliant birthday

You’ll be familiar with the term ‘two many cooks spoil the broth’, but do you think too many diggers ruin the cake? Nope – they just make it even more fun! (via Bits of Everything)

Bright and beautiful

Yellow digger birthday cake

Diggers can be cute too! Just take a look at this adorable birthday cake – there’s even a handy tutorial. (via Bake-a-Boo)

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