The best gift ideas for a new mum (that she’ll really love)

Gift ideas for new mums | Mum's Grapevine

After months of waiting, bub has arrived and Mum-to-be is now, happily, just Mum. You can’t wait to see her and her precious newborn babe and you want to take her something special to show her you care. But with most of the baby shopping probably already done, and half the baby shower gifts still in their boxes, what’s left to get?

With the help of the Mum’s Grapevine community we have put together a list so you can give a gift Mum will truly love.

Here are the best gift ideas for new mums that she’ll actually love.

Lend a hand

Cook up a storm. By far the most suggested present was a home cooked meal. Having meals in the freezer helps Mum keep up with the demands of her baby and still get to eat herself!

Food package. If you’re not so handy in the kitchen, organise a fresh fruit and veg delivery or a home meal service to help Mum keep her kitchen stocked and her tummy full.

Keep it clean. Have you ever tried to vacuum the floors while holding a newborn? Don’t. Get Mum a voucher for a cleaner and she can relax knowing the house is taken care of leaving her free to focus on taking care of bub.

Offer your services. You can go over and do the vacuuming, cook, tidy or just chat. Sometimes having another adult around especially when Dad goes back to work is worth more than anything money can buy. And, if you’re game, offer to look after bub so Mum can jump in the shower or take a relaxing bath. But be warned, it might make her cry.

Mum’s the word

Look after Mum. A happy Mum means a happy baby so a gift for Mum is a gift for everyone. Some great suggestions included a dressing gown for middle-of-the-night feeds, personalised jewellery or a home pamper session.

Some light reading. Although technically Mum will be the busiest she’s ever been in her life, a lot of this time will be spent sitting down feeding a hungry milk goblin. Get Mum a subscription to her favourite magazine to help her pass the time and keep in touch with the world ‘out there’.

From the heart

Get personal. Personalised clothes, blankets, towels or wall hangings are a thoughtful gift. It is something special for baby and is likely to be a gift Mum will keep forever.

Treasure chest. A keepsake box will give Mum somewhere special to keep all those little treasures she’ll collect over the years. From bub’s first lock of hair to their first award from school, Mum can be unashamedly sentimental and store it all away.

Be practical

Nightie night. If you can’t wait to meet bub and see Mum before she gets home, think of something that will make her hospital stay a little easier. One clever Mum suggested buying baby nighties for those early days. It means no fiddling with clothes or pants and makes nappy changes a breeze!

Gift hampers. Making up a hamper is a great way to give a personalised but practical gift. Pick a theme and fill it with useful bits and pieces like face washers and bubble bath or baby bottles and bibs. And don’t forget to put a little something in there just for Mum!

Baby bouquets. Flowers are beautiful but bouquets made of nappies or clothes are going to last so much longer. You can buy them or, if you’re feeling crafty, make one yourself. And instead of a gift card, slip in an iTunes gift voucher to help Mum pay for all of those baby sleep apps she’ll be downloading during the wee hours.

Be prepared

In case of emergency. No one wants their baby to get sick but it’s best to be ready when they do. Get Mum a vaporiser and it might just help her avoid a midnight dash to the pharmacy when baby gets that first cold.  Also, a first aid pack with things like nasal spray, baby panadol or nipple cream will keep Mum prepared for all situations.

Light up the night. Night feeds can be tricky. Mum won’t want to turn on the light for fear of startling her baby but stubbing her toe in the dark and doing a silent dance of pain is not much better. A cute little nightlight gives just enough glow to help Mum’s bleary eyes focus without upsetting bub.

Nursing aid. Breastfeeding may be natural but it can be very hard at first for some Mums. Buying a membership to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, a breastfeeding pillow or a nursing cover can give Mum a helping hand along that journey.

And always, always…

Call before you visit. Bringing baby home for the first time is a life changing moment. Home life is very different to what it used to be and it can change from one moment to the next. When you head over for a visit, call or text before you go. It will give you a chance to check if it’s still a good time for guests and ask if Mum needs anything picked up at the supermarket on your way. Having someone do the little things can mean a lot.