16 (more) hilarious Elf on the Shelf ideas

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16 (more) hilarious Elf on the Shelf ideas | Mum's Grapevine

Elf on the Shelf is all about creating magical Christmas memories for our kiddies. You see, elves arrive at their host families in December, with a special book explaining that these magical messengers are visiting to provide a daily report back to Santa on how well (or not!) your little poppets have behaved.

Each morning, after Elf has arrived back from reporting duties at the North Pole, he (or she) can be found in a different spot, often up to a little mischief of their own.

Here are 16 (more) fun-tastic Elf on the Shelf ideas to get you on your merry way…

Catching some rays

Elf on the Shelf on vacation

While the kids are at school, this Elf is making the most of his much-needed ‘me’ time. (via Home Stories A to Z)

Play the game

Elf on the Shelf playing Connect 4

When he isn’t dating Barbie, he is busy shmoozing Lalaloopsy. Some elves are such players. (via Lil Blue Boo)


Round of golf

Elf on the Shelf playing golf

Elf does his best networking down at the golf course. (via Domestic Femme)

Personal Assistant

Elf on the Shelf photocopying at the office

Santa had a feeling that giving Elf a chance to photocopy ‘Santa’s News’ was going to lead  to mischief… (via Des Moines Children’s Dentistry)

Day at the beach

Elf on the Shelf at the beach

These elves are looking a little, ummm, reddish. (via The Daily Meal)

One Elf a-pooping

Elf on the Shelf pooping

It’s positively gross, but this Elf wants to let you in on a secret… that’s exactly why your kids will think it’s funny and LOVE it. (via From Ashley To Awesome)

Twister fun

Elf on the Shelf playing Twister

Elves have been known to be up for a spot of Twister with their friends when they get back from the North Pole. (via She Knows)

Drummer boy

Elf on the Shelf the drummer

Elves are in the know: drummers get the girls. (via Frugal Living Coupon)

Treasure hunt

Elf on the Shelf playing treasure hunt

A little mischief-maker has gone and hidden things again. Ah well, the kids seem to love a treasure hunt. (via Simple As That)


Elf on the Shelf cooking in a toy kitchen

This Elf is preparing a lil’ midnight snack before trekking back to the North Pole. (via Des Moines Children’s Dentistry)

Elf-sized pancakes

Elf on the Shelf eating tiny pancakes

Some like to call them Dutch Pancakes, but elves know the truth about who really invented these tiny pancakes. (via Home Stories A to Z)

Spell it with cereal

Elf on the Shelf writing a cereal message

Oh the possibilities of what an Elf might spell out in cereal… eat your veggies… brush your teeth… (via The Simple Parent)

Graffiti vandal

Elf on the Shelf doing graffiti

Thank goodness this naughty little Elf used a whiteboard marker when he drew all over this family’s photos. Just look at that smug look on his face… (via Simple As That)

Christmas Carols

Elf on the Shelf playing his guitar

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Everyone loves a Christmas Carol sing-a-long. (via She Knows)

Bungee jumping

Elf on the Shelf in a Slinky

This is one for the Elf who loves their extreme sports. Bunnngggeeeee! (via Clearly Candace)

Mindful colouring-in

Elf on the Shelf Mindful Colouring In

Developing mindfulness, thanks to a little colouring-in. (via One Suburban Mom)

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