The world’s most popular baby name 2015

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The most popular baby name in the world | Mum's Grapevine

Jack and Charlotte may have felt like they could each lay claim to the most popular mantle, or perhaps even Mohammed. But no, according to Laura Wattenberg from Baby Name Wizard, Sofia is the world’s most popular name!


Sofia (or the local equivalent: Sophia in the United States, Sofie in Norway, Zsófia in Hungary) takes out top spot in nine countries and is number two or three in 20 more! While several large countries, like China and India, don’t report naming statistics, it is pretty clear that Sofia is one popular girl.

Here in Australia, Sofia / Sophia was number seven in 2014, closely followed by Sophie at number eight. So clearly we are on board with the rest of the world on this one!

Sofia-mapThis classically feminine name means ‘wisdom’ and is of Greek origin. No one can really say why it has become so popular, across such a broad range of countries (Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, Estonia, Chile and Russia are amongst the countries who rate Sofia as number one) but the trend is stark.

So the next time you’re at the playground and you hear the name Sophia called, watch out as there might be a stampede!

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