Quinny Longboard Stroller: pram meets skateboard!

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Quinny longboard stroller

No, your eyes are not mistaken – that is a pram combined with a skateboard!

Taking your tot for a stroll has just gone to the next level with the amazing Quinny Longboard strollerAdventurous mums and dads will love having the freedom to sail down the streets and your little passenger will enjoy feeling the wind whip through their hair!

The longboard stroller from Quinny has all the safety features you could hope for, like a bumper bar and handbrake, so you can feel confident gliding around with your kiddo onboard. It did take two years to develop after all!

Quinny longboard stroller

Unfortunately, everyone outside of the European Union will have to admire the Longboard from afar for a little while longer as it is currently only approved for use in Europe.

Quinny longboard stroller

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