12 ways to get creative with candy canes (besides eating them)

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10 ways to get creative with candy canes this Christmas | Mum's Grapevine

Far from just being a tasty Christmas treat, there’s a myriad of things you can do with candy canes. From making your own place card holders and creating a stunning festive wreath to quickly whipping up an inexpensive something for your darlings to gift to all their kinder or school friends.

Here are 12 ways to get creative with candy canes this festive season.

Candy cane mice

Candy cane mice

These no-sew colourful critters can be whipped up in a crafternoon and would look adorable hanging on your tree. (via Mom on Timeout)

Wrap it

Fun gift wrapping with candy canes

Use candy canes as part of your xmas wrapping repertoire to add a festive edge. (via Confetti Sunshine)

Candy cane hot chocolate mix

Candy cane hot chocolate jar

Need a budget-friendly gift for teachers or helpers? This candy cane hot choccy mix should hit the sweet spot. (via Free People)

Easy peasy place card holders

Candy cane place holders for the Christmas table

These Christmas candy cane place card holders are super-duper quick to make and easy on the hip pocket. (via Vicky Barone)

Christmas wreath

Candy cane Christmas wreath

This candy cane Christmas wreath is super festive… and the little heart patterns will show your love for all things Christmas. (via Crafty Morning)

Candy cane treats


You can re-purpose any candy canes lying around into new treats to munch on, like these enticing Tiny Teddie sleds. Nom nom nom. (via It’s All About Us)

Christmas centerpiece

DIY candy cane Christmas vase

Grab an empty tin can before it hits the recycling and stick individual candy canes all around the circumference with a glue gun. Fill with poinsettias for a fun and festive centrepiece! (via Living Well Spending Less)

Candy cane ornament

DIY candy cane Christmas tree ornament

Go cray-cray crushing up candy canes to make this ornament for your tree. (via Fox Hollow Cottage)

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

Grow a candy cane

If your little one is fascinated with how things grow then this is the perfect activity for them to do over the holidays. Plant the candy cane seed (round striped mint) and watch the candy cane magically grow just in time for christmas! (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

Kris Kringle


These chocolate and candy cane sleighs are the perfect budget-friendly Kris Kringle gift. (via Jak Heath)

Christmas star

DIY candy cane star decoration

Hang these festive candy cane stars on your walls, windows on on the top of your tree to announce your Christmas cheer to the world! (via Country & Victoria Times)

Christmas trees


Get the kidlets to help you whip up these Christmas trees for their kinder or school friends. (via Mom on Timeout)


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