13 water games to keep kids cool on hot days

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13 water games to keep kids cool on hot days | Mum's Grapevine

It’s summer and your kids have tasked themselves with reminding you it’s hot about once every five seconds – there’s nothing left to do except step outside and get your water game on to cool everyone down.

From giant DIY water blobs, to water balloon piñatas, we’ve got 13  water games to keep the kids cool on a hot day. Have fun!

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Hose limbo

Water hose limbo game

Limbo is a blast, but hose limbo raises the stakes to a whole new level. Best thing is that the smaller kids have the advantage in this game. (via Davonne Parks)

Make your own sprinkler

DIY sprinkler using a water bottle

Forget store-bought sprinklers, make one yourself using an old water bottle; then sit back as the kids have a ball playing while the grass gets watered! (via Housing a Forest)

Drip, drip, drop

Drip drip drop water game

Remember Duck, Duck, Goose? In this version, you drip water on each person’s head until you finally drop it on someone who then chases you. The anticipation will have them giggling away! (via Home Parties Life)

DIY dunk tank

DIY Dunk Tank

We’ve found instructions to help you create your own dunk tank. The kidlets will go positively cray-cray for this one. (via The Happy Housewife)

Giant water blob

DIY Giant Water Blob

A giant water blob made from thick sheets of plastic filled with water = hours of fun. (via Homemade Toast)

Mini water blobs

Mini Water Blobs

If you have kids who prefer their own personal space, hook them up with one of these mini water blobs. As a bonus, they’re easier to make. (via Hello Wonderful)

Mess-free painting

Painting with water game

Grab a paintbrush and let them paint the town with water – all the fun, minus the mess! A great way to practise letter formation. (via Motherhood on a Dime)

Water balloon baseball

Batting practice with water

Your little sportheads will have a field day hitting home runs using water balloons instead of baseballs. (via iCandy Handmade)

DIY Slip ‘n’ Slide

Hot day water fun DIY slip and slide

They’ll have a ball sliding around and squealing on this giant, homemade Slip ‘n’ Slide!  (via Diary of a Preppy Mom)

Water relay

Hot day water fun with water relay

The object of this game is to pass the water over your head to the next person without spilling it. This water relay game is a tonne of fun to play and watch!  (via Tip Junkie)

Water balloon darts

Water balloon darts - a great game for a hot day

One for older kidlets, this game requires them to throw darts at the water balloons to see how many they can pop. (via This is Doable)

Water balloon pinata

Water balloon piñata game

Watch as they take a swing at the water balloon piñata and then listen to them squeal in delight as they get splashed! (via Fireflies and Mudpies)

Build a water wall

Construct a water wall on a hot day for heaps of fun with the kids

This water wall is not only a heap of fun to experiment with, but it is a great tool to teach kids the basics of constructing.  (via Playing by the Book)

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