Straighten up: 8 ways to avoid ironing!

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7 ways to avoid ironing | Mum's Grapevine

Hate ironing? We hear you! What if you could put that iron away for good? These simple and clever hacks will get rid of those wrinkles without you having to spend precious time slaving over the ironing board.

We’ve found eight brilliant ways to de-crinkle your garments sans iron. We trust you’ll find a way to use the extra time (hint: perhaps you could finally finish that cup of tea!)

Blast it

Using a hair dryer - ways to avoid ironing

Step one: blow dry your hair. Step two: blow dry your clothes! Blast those creases away using your hair dryer on a high setting (hold the dryer one to two inches away from your clothes). Spritz with a spray bottle of water first for extra de-crinkling power. (via Hello Natural)

Miracle in a bottle

Miracle spray for ironing without the iron

A miracle travel spray to get wrinkles out of clothes? Yes please! Prepare this simple mix, then spray with abandon and allow to dry. So simple! A great one for travelling as well as for every day quick fixes. (via Free People Blog)

Alternative recipe

Wrinkle release spray - ways to avoid having to iron

Another version of the iron-in-a-bottle, this de-wrinkle spray is super easy to put together with a few essentials you have lying around the house (what can’t a bit of vinegar do?) (via Pop Sugar)

Take a shower

Ways to avoid ironing - hang your clothes in the shower

The ultimate multi-tasking mama can iron and shower at the same time! Hang your clothes in the bathroom and then take a nice warm shower. The steam will gently ease out those creases which means your clothes will last longer – bonus! (via Cosmopolitan)

Not just for your hair

Using your hair straightener to iron - ways to avoid ironing

Your hair straightener gets kinks out of your hair and out of your clothes too! This hack is perfect for touching up your collars, but we could also see it working a treat on those gorgeous little baby dresses. (via Good Housekeeping)

Ice ice baby

Put ice in the dryer to steam clothes and avoid ironing.

Chuck your clothes in the tumble dryer with a couple of blocks of ice for about 20 minutes. Ironing done for the day! As the ice melts it will create steam – and we all know steam is a wrinkle’s worst enemy. For best results, go for a high heat setting and don’t overcrowd. (via Daily Mail)

Just water will do

Ways to avoid ironing - spray your clothes with hot water.

It’s amazing what a spray bottle and very hot water can do! Simply fill up a bottle, spray the hot water on, give the garment a shake and, no wait, that’s it! Why would you ever iron again? (via Not So Idle Hands)

A wet towel approach

Ways to avoid ironing - use a wet towel to get rid of wrinkles.

One last trick for the ironing-averse is a wet towel. Simply lay your clothes on a flat surface and press the wet towel on top. Voila! Your wrinkles will be gone and not an iron in sight! (via Lifehacker)

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