12 pasta necklaces you’ll want to wear

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12 DIY pasta jewellery ideas

Easy peasy kid-friendly crafts are perfect for entertaining kids at home (and keeping your sanity in check). It’s amazing what you can create with a few bits and bobs from around the house – think paper plate masks and the ever-faithful cardboard box fort.

Well now it’s time to raid your pantry. Kids crafts don’t get much simpler (or prettier) than pasta jewellery, and we’ve found 12 colourful pasta necklaces that you can make with the kiddies at home.

Starting simple

Coloured pasta necklace

Coloured pasta is easy. But incase you haven’t tried it at home before, here’s a handy little how-to to get you started. (via Frog, Goose and Bear)

Penne perfection

Macaroni jewellery

With a few extra supplies the average penne can be transformed into a crazy cool accessory! (via Handmakery)

Noodle love

Valentines pasta necklaces

Looking for a super cute Valentine’s craft? We think we’ve found it. This heart-felt necklace is bound to make anyone lose their noodle! (via The Alison Show)

Bright bracelet

Pasta bracelet

There’s a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow dyed bracelet, and it’s those adorable chubby fingers! Too cute! (via Reasons to Skip the Housework)

Pretty pendants

Yellow pasta pendants

This pretty piece of pasta takes wearing a bow tie around the neck to a whole new level. We LOVE! (via Pysselbolaget)

Modern macaroni

Modern macaroni necklace

We’ll take the mummy AND the kiddie version of this modern macaroni. Time to start twinning with the tots! (via Mer Mag)

Cute kitties

Cute macaroni necklaces

Paint thin macaroni tubes in the kids favourite colours and glue together when dry. Draw their favourite faces onto the surface and they can wear their artwork all day long! (via Molly Moo Crafts)

Flower fun

Macaroni pompom flower necklaces

Pom poms and pasta jewellery. Could this colourful necklace be the best craft project ever? Simply thread the pasta and pom poms onto the same piece of string and hey presto! (via Willow Day)

Chain it up

Penne pasta necklace

Swap a simple piece of string or twine for a delicate chain and it’s glamour all the way for you and your rascals. (via Don’t Mind If I Do)

Beautiful beads

Noodle necklace beads

Painting dried pasta can give you unimaginable results ( and we mean cool-enough-for-mum-to-wear-reasults!). We’re all over the tribal and boho twists to this masterpiece. (via Alisa Burke)

A pasta salad

Bow tie pasta necklace

Just like a tasty pasta salad, using different shapes of pasta for your jewellery works well too! Experiment with penne, rigatoni and cellentani to see which ones your kids prefer to play with. (via Lait Fraise)

Chiefs and Indians

Indians play pasta necklaces

Combine their love for imaginative play with an afternoon session of pasta crafting! Add beads and feathers to a colourful pasta necklace for a great addition to the dress-ups box. (via Mood Kids)

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