11 tips for flying with baby – as recommended by you

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Top tips for flying with a baby

Got some extra baggage these holidays in the form of a teeny lil’ bundle of joy? Don’t fret, with some careful planning and preparation, you and your chubba bubba will be vacationing with the best of them.

We put it out there on Facebook and asked you all what were your top tips for flying with babies – here are some of your suggestions, with a few of our own tips thrown in for good measure.

Happy travels, peeps!

Carry on baggage

Make sure you pack your baby essentials into your carry on luggage: a dummy, nappies, wet wipes and a mother’s best friend, a small tube of good ol’ anti-bacterial gel.

Comfort aid

Make sure you have any comforting sleep aids handy, such as a special blankie or a favourite teddy. You’ll want to try and get them off to sleep as close to their normal routine as possible.

Checked baggage

Pack most of your things into your checked baggage so that you don’t have to manage too many bags on board. Carrying your poppet will be tricky enough without juggling with extra baggage as well.

Boarder order

If you are travelling with a partner or friend, get them to board first while you board last. They can set up for you by putting the cabin luggage away and making sure any essentials are within reach for you. (h/t: Emilia Musgrave via Facebook)

Dress for comfort

Dress in cool, comfortable clothes; layers are great. One of the best travel perks of flying with a baby is that they generally fly free, but you will have to hold them on your lap, so wearing an all-white pantsuit is probably not the safest bet.

Spare for you, spare for me

Bring a change of clothes for yourself as well as your bubba – you never know when those projectile vomits will strike! Packing spare clothes in large ziplock bags will mean you can keep the dirty clothes (and all their stinkiness!) contained as well. (h/t: Amanda Koerber via Facebook)

Feeding on takeoff

If you can be feeding as the plane is taking off and landing, the motion of your baby sucking should keep ear pain from increased cabin pressure at bay. It may also encourage them to sleep during the flight (well, one can hope!). (h/t: Jenny Komsic via Facebook)

Dummy, dummy, dummy

If your bubba loves their dummy it may be worth bringing a couple of spares – trying to negotiate a way to pick up a dummy off the cabin floor while managing a frustrated poppet in a tight space can be tricky business. (h/t: Sarah Leather via Facebook)

Snack attack

If your baby is eating solids, bring a range of small snacks to keep them entertained/happy/bribed into silence throughout the duration of the flight.

Clever invention

Clever Aussie company, Fly Babee, have made flying with babies so much easier by inventing the world’s first unique sleeping cover for airline bassinets (and prams). It adjusts to fit over airline bassinets and prams to provide your sleepyhead with a private, ventilated space that blocks light by 97% reducing those pesky distractions.

Remember to book those in-flight bassinets – they tend to get booked out quickly!

Survival kits

Sometimes, no matter how much we prepare, we know that our little travellers are going to make life pretty difficult for everyone onboard.

You could try and get in good with the other passengers by handing out little care packages filled with ear plugs and jelly beans. Give them to the people immediately around you, order a stiff drink and hope for the best!

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