Barbie has evolved (finally)!

Barbie Evolved

After 57 years Barbie is finally starting to look like the rest of us! Hip hip hooray!

In a top secret project, Mattel spent two years re-imagining Barbie’s shape. Her anatomically-suspect “classic” shape is still available, but there are now three new body types to choose from. Barbie is now more ethnically diverse as well, coming in seven different skin tones, all with different eye colours and hair styles.

Barbie launches new body shapes

Mattel wants the new Barbies to show children that thereΒ isn’t a (literally!) narrow standard of beauty through creating dolls that everyone can relate to.

The new range includes tall Barbies, petite (= short) Barbies and curvy Barbies (yes, she does have a tummy!) Available in the US from March 2016, we look forward to seeing them spring up on Australian shelves soon after.

All we need now is the re-release of our personal fave,Β the Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie from the 80’s and the world would be perfect place. We want to see all the new body types rocking that peach chiffon!


(Images via Barbie)