Get ready to play with Bobux shoes


Little tootsies are just deliciously sweet. All it takes is a little wiggle of those teeny toes to melt away our troubles and make our hearts burst with love.

And as our kiddos grow, those little feet are called upon to do amazing things, like walking, jumping and climbing.

So how do we prepare little feet to do great things? That’s where Bobux comes in. They know that tiny tootsies need the freedom to develop as nature intended as well as the protection to keep them safe from the hazards of our urban lifestyle.

Bobux have created a footwear system that will ensure your tot’s feet develop the strength and flexibility to support them through life. It’s about getting your kids off on the right foot. Yep, we said it!



Established: 1991 (New Zealand)
Founders: Chris and Colleen Bennett
Fun fact: Over 200,000 pairs sold worldwide
Sizes: 0 to 5 year olds


Bobux. Be Young.

Bobux was born when founders, Chris and Colleen Bennett, went in search of a soft, flexible shoe for their then 9 month old daughter, Chloe.

Unable to find a product to suit their needs, the Bennett’s went about creating their own, starting their collection with their first ever soft shoe made from leather and suede (with a gentle elastic around the ankle to keep the shoe on!).

Soft soled baby shoes

Get ready to play

Since that first pair of shoes, Bobux has been on a journey of shoe discovery, constantly questing the status quo and drawing on the expertise of podiatrists to engineer the best shoes for your kid’s feet.

Which brings us to today and the release of their new, most advanced shoes ever. These shoes are ready to take on whatever your kids can throw at them as they do what all kids do: play.

This collection takes into account the differing needs of your child’s feet and will nurture and protect them from their teeny tiny newborn days to their running, jumping, never-standing-still five year old days.

Bobux-stagesSo let’s walk through the different stages (pun intended!)

 Newborn & pre-walkers

Bob baby and toddler shoes

If you have a newbie on your hands, then you should check out Bobux’s range of soft soles which cater to sweet and soft newborn tootsies, through to bubbas learning to explore the world.

This collection of Bobux beauties is designed specifically to protect bubbas in their first year.

bobux soft soled shoes

Bobux soft soles mimic the benefits of going barefoot by allowing natural movement and flexibility. Little toes can do their thing and learn to grip and balance, all while the delicate growing bones in the foot are protected by super soft leather and suede.

These shoes are the perfect fit for lil’ crawlers and explorers.

First walkers

Shoes for toddlers

One of the most anticipated milestones is a bubba’s first steps. This tentative walking stage is all about balance and coordination – and perhaps a little anxiety from mum and dad as the tumbles abound!

Bobux first walker shoes

Easy to get on and stay on, Bobux’s range for first walkers have super flexible soles that also offer increased protection for new walkers. With many little ones constantly transitioning between crawling and walking, many of the styles in this collection include a nifty abrasion resistant toecap to keep shoes looking spiffy.

Toddlers & preschoolers

Bobux Radial blue preschooler shoe

Once kids have mastered walking, they quickly turn their attention to running, jumping and climbing. The best shoes for this age group have flexible soles, are made from breathable fabrics and include a heap of style to appeal to the mini fashionistas and hip dudes.

Bobux baby and toddler shoes design features

The Bobux I-Walk range let kids confidently walk, run, jump, change direction and come with great grip for little monkeys that like to climb. Made from premium leather and advanced, lightweight textiles, this range looks after young feet so your kiddies can just focus on exploring the wonderful world around them.

Bobux Walkers animal print

Bobux footwear is priced from $40 and is available directly via their online store or from one of these stockists.