Your Fitbit isn’t broken, you’re pregnant!

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FitBit Reveals Woman is Pregnant

It turns out a Fitbit can track more than just the number of steps you take!

Fitbits boast loads of features, but pregnancy testing certainly wasn’t one of them, until now.

When Reddit user YoungPTone posted a question on the Fitbit subreddit he simply thought his wife’s fitness tracker was acting up. He was concerned that the Fitbit was “showing her heartbeat being consistently high…she logged 10 hours in the fat burning zone”. Despite the high heart rate, his wife wasn’t burning any extra calories. Maybe a recalibration was all that was needed?

fitbit diagnosed pregnancy

One canny Reddit user spotted the issue for what it really was – a sign of pregnancy!

Fitbit says, you're pregnant

Mr and Mrs YoungPTone are expecting their little bundle of Fitbit joy in October this year. We definitely give this story an upvote!

(via Daily Mail, image Fitbit)

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