ALDI recalls the ‘Kuchef’ digital glass kettle

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ALDI recalls their ‘Kuchef’ Digital Glass Kettle

ALDI Recalls ALDI ‘Kuchef’ Digital Glass Kettle

Product description: Digital Glass Body Cordless Kettle with 4 temperature settings; Item: 50902; Model W-K17826G-D; Batch Code 09/2015;

Sold at ALDI Stores from 9th September 2015 to 1st November 2015ALDI recalls their ‘Kuchef’ Digital Glass Kettle model numbers

Defect: The top of the kettle’s handle may come loose or detach from the body, causing a risk of scalding.

Immediately cease use and return to store for a full refund.

Supplied by Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Contact Details: Call the support line on 1300 886 649 from 9am – 5pm EST (Mon-Fri) or email

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